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Dating Tips For The Shy-Introverted People


I'm not a dating expert, neither I'm in a relationship to flaunt. This is a topic that I can very much relate to, it might sound a little cliché but I hope it helps.

1. Be yourself

There's nothing more attractive than someone who is comfortable in their own skin. Don't shame or beat yourself up just cause you are not bubbly and outgoing as your peers. Authenticity is important as it enables your personality to shine through for the world to see it. You Are Who You Are, and you should rightfully own it. Who knows? You might stumble upon someone who finds your personality to be eccentric and appealing to them?

2. Explore your passion/hobbies

The best way to meet like minded individuals and to connect with them is by exploring your hobbies. If you have one, be passionate about it. And it can be anything. For example, if your hobby is playing chess you could perhaps join a local chess club or sign up a website that has a high potential for you to meet people that share a similar interest as you do. By doing so, you can somehow pass through the dreaded small talk (personally i find it awkward) instead share ideas/knowledge related to your hobby and that way you can get to know the person more by spending time with them and gradually build a good bond.

Dating Tips For The Shy-Introverted People

3. Dress to impress

We can't deny the fact that looking presentable is important especially in the dating world. Its not necessary to look like a model and go on an extravagant makeover. If you have a vague idea in regards to What the opposite sex finds attractive? You could even do a research on that. I did, and came to know (generally) guys like woman with long hair and is confident with her body. I know beauty is subjective, but its worthwhile to put a little extra effort on your hair and outfit, and it's not a matter of hiding your real self , it's about enhancing your natural looks.

4. Figure out on what you really look for in a partner.

Many of us don't really know on what we look for in a relationship but decide to be in one. Because sometimes we just want someone to fill in the void due to loneliness. So its important list down the characteristics that you desire in a person before deciding to be in a relationship. That way, it will help you to discover the level of your compatibility with your future partner. For example, maybe you are looking for someone who is more extroverted to help balance your introverted lifestyle, or perhaps you also want someone who enjoys being alone so that you can share this with them. In reality, everyone is different, so spend some time figuring out what’s important for you in your future partner.

Dating Tips For The Shy-Introverted People

Thanks for reading :)
If you have more helpful ideas or tips to add, feel free to share.

Dating Tips For The Shy-Introverted People
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  • Avicenna
    Great tips! I would add to always think positive and be confident that you'll succeed.
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  • A genuinely useful and well written post! Thank you
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  • Bhavin2184
    Good take.
    Add one more point Try approaching the opposite gender..
  • MannMitAntworten
    I am not remotely introverted and I will largely agree but the part about hobbies/interest... Personally I have so many damn interest, but the women in my area dull assed homebodies who rather smoke dope or drink all damn day so unless I became an boozer and or a pot head, I am not going to meet women with shared interest in my area. The huge upside is at least such women are easy to slot and avoid. Not to mention pot headed women tend to change their minds in an instant which is no way to carry on a meaningful relationship... I’ll forever avoid pot heads.
    • Vero4567

      What about meeting someone online? Perhaps joining a site where people share a similar interest?

    • Dear me, no. Tried that for a while. That was the worst, singles apps.

    • Single apps, no. Random chance through some online forum is fine and it has happened, but never again with singles apps. No...

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  • msc545
    If you are male be at least 6 ft tall, be very attractive, and have lots of money, because without these things you won't have a chance.
  • ManMale
    Excellent well written mytake. Thanks Enjoyed reading it.
  • I-C3_ME
    Yeah i need to look for more hobbies were i meet people but I'm affraid of even looking XD
  • Anonymous
    5. Always put out when you go out.