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How Much Does Height Matter to Women? How Much Does Being Under Six Feet Tall Hold You Back As A Man?

My late ex; she was 63.5" (191 cm).
My late ex; she was 6'3.5" (191 cm).
Short men are kings.
Short men are kings.
Short guy, tall woman; who cares? Just be a decent human being.
Short guy, tall woman; who cares? Just be a decent human being.

Does height matter to women? How much does being short matter to women?

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- About how many women require taller guys?
Around 66%, or two-thirds of all heterosexual women, want a tall guy (6'1" and up).

- How much taller does a guy have to be in order to be acceptable enough for her?
AT LEAST five inches taller than a woman 5'7" or shorter, to even be considered as a date. At least two inches taller for her to simply not automatically reject you.

- What's the most preferred height a guy has to be?
- 6'1"/185 cm is the most ideal male height for women who are not short, but six feet/183 cm is the bare minimum she'd accept.

- What's the shortest height a woman would usually go?
- 5'8"/172 cm is the lowest height most women 5'7" or shorter say they'll go, but they also seem to be more open to a guy at least two inches taller than their own height, although these men are still at a disadvantage.

- Advice from women if you're under six feet tall:
- "Personality matters the most."
- "Don't care what we (girls) think about you."
- "Don't act insecure/be confident."
- "Just be yourself."
- "Accept what you have."
- "Be funny."
- "Be thoughtful."
- "Be nice."
- "Be a good guy and a good person."

My results:
In the end, height does matter a lot to women, just as suspected. However, the untold truth is, women don't matter that much, especially those to whom height does matter. F*ck women! (though not literally.) Just be your own man and stop giving women so much of your power and self-worth. They clearly don't care enough about you to think lesser of you as a man if you're under six feet tall (or 5'8", if they're super short women).

If the right woman comes along for you and shows genuine interest in you, being short won't matter to her. Keep in mind, this woman will be very rare, but that's likely the best for you. I've had her once, and she was significantly taller than me and most men in her flat feet. And ironically, she didn't care about height whatsoever and even dated as short as 5'6" (a 9.5 inch difference) before she met me.

If there's one good woman out there for you, then your height or lack of it will be a non-factor for her. For those who have "height 'preferences'," (note that "preferences" and "requirements" are the literal exact same thing for most women), ditch them immediately and even thank them for not wasting your time and dodging a bullet. The other 99% of women who look at you as a lesser man for being below six feet aren't worth your time or energy. Believe me; I spent my entire twenties being depressed over it because I was shorter than the ideal male height and constantly rejected because of my height (among other things, like my race or looks). Now, that I see other men (the tall ones) getting divorced left and right, and sorry they ever met their ex wives, I can say for sure that it's better to be with no woman at all than the WRONG woman!

The advice given I'd say is best, but do that for yourself, NOT for them. Be a good person, make your own life happy, learn to live without women! Stop putting them on a pedestal. Learn to be happy with yourself, while also admitting that you'll never be perfectly happy with yourself and there's always going to be things you dislike. The key is to have more things you like about yourself than dislike about yourself!

Like, I dislike my own height (181 cm) and looks, and skin tone. But I like my intelligence, wit, sarcastic sense of humor, creativity, creative writing skill, endurance, and work ethic, to name a few.

So you can make a Pros and Cons chart about yourself. Your height might be in the Cons category, but what's in the Pros? Make a third category. The "Future Pros." What do you want to like about yourself in the future? Work towards those and add them to your list of good qualities.

I still sometimes hate my height. My shortness is my biggest insecurity, although my looks, skin tone, penis size, and weight are up there, as well. But over a long time, ten to twelve years, I learned that I am more than the fickle standards society, especially women, put on me. I'm nowhere near tall, handsome, fit, or rich. But I do matter. And I've come to that conclusion without women, or family, or best friends, even helping me with that. I never had a loving mother or a best friend growing up, which means I had lower self-esteem than most when I was in high school. I'm still a work in progress, but only as of two or three years ago have I realized that it's better to not have a woman who only chose me because I was over six feet, than it is to be by myself and work on being awesome without any negativity in my life.

MOST women aren't going to like you or want you if you're short (under six feet), or at least, not significantly taller than them. But screw 'em! You shouldn't need a woman in your life, and they're optional, at best. Work on you, and let the tall men deal with their shallow crap.

How Much Does Height Matter to Women? How Much Does Being Under Six Feet Tall Hold You Back As A Man?
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  • Flower7
    Height is massively important to most women. Not necessarily being 6 feet or over, but we do generally want him to at least be taller than we are.
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  • SoapySandwich
    What women say they want and what they actually want aren't always the same.

    Most women will also say they want someone who can make them laugh but that doesn't stop someone from seducing them without jokes.

    Being tall matters but really not as much as you think. Itll only hold you back if you let it.
  • Avicenna
    It does matter to them a lot. I'm also 181 cm tall, and I'd have lost out on quite a few women I've dated if I had been shorter than that. Ironically, I prefer tall women and am happy to date one taller than me.
  • WindAtMyBack
    As a group, women "prefer" taller men.

    For men and women both, their preferences are not deal breakers. Men and women both find someone they have chemistry with, and their preferences go out the window.

    "How Much Does Being Under Six Feet Tall Hold You Back As A Man?"

    Almost not at all.

    "But screw 'em! You shouldn't need a woman in your life, and they're optional, at best. "

    Now THAT attitude is what's holding you back. Your height is minor in comparison.

    If you think it's your height, you're barking up the wrong tree.
  • DizzyDesii
    I’m 5’2 and prefer my guys be 5’7-6’3.
    5’8 is my fave height on a guy because we’re so close in Kissing and i dont have to stand on my tippy toes
  • Soremain
    You hit your head to the wall because you think the whole thing wrong. You say "In the end, height does matter a lot to women" when the truth is "height does matter TO A LOT of women". It's completely different statement. It doesn't matter if 90% of the women prefer guys over 6 feet, you'll still have tons of options in the remaining 10%. I'm 5'8 and I've been approached multiple times by attractive women, yes I've had women tell me I'm too short too, but who cares when there are tons of options still left. And I know many guys even shorter than me who date attractive women.
  • Iron_Man
    I’m a big man and I’m 6 foot one and I do good 🏋️‍♀️