Food for Thought: For Guys Who Don't Like Their Height and Wish to be Taller

Food for Thought: For Guys Who Don't Like Their Height and Wish to be Taller

Height and weight isn't something I give much thought to, not even for myself. It's just one of those things I don't think much about, just not something I deem thought worthy I guess. Recently though, I've been thinking about it not because I care but because of something my Aunt told me about her grandson.

My aunt her youngest child (her son, my cousin), he has two sons and the oldest is 17 and he's already 6'3. Apparently, he doesn't like being tall and wishes he could be the same height as his friends. He even goes as far as to walk hunched over to appear shorter because he's uncomfortable being so tall. He's also convinced "girls don't like tall guys".

After my Aunt told me that, she then said "I guess we all want what we don't have" and I suppose that's true in some cases. All of that got me thinking though about height and how much like age, it's really just a number.

Sure, are age changes every year but it's not who we are as a person, it's just how old we are but it doesn't define us. Same goes for height, it's just a number but doesn't define who we are as a person. It's just a number So, instead of looking at height as this really great or really bad thing, we should just see it for what it is, two numbers with an apostrophe in between the two numbers.

I understand, society makes a big deal about height which causes those who may lack in height to become self conscious, but I personally think people put too much merit on this and other things that really in the grander scheme are irrelevant. When it comes to being interested in someone, their height shouldn't be a factor because all the reasons that women supposedly like tall guys (in my book) aren't valid ones.

For example: some girls like tall guys because they can wear high heels. I mean, call me crazy but doesn't that seem like a really dumb reason to like someone?

It's like dude! Would you really want a girl who only likes you because you were tall enough for her to wear high heels around?

Another example is: girls say they like tall guys because they make them feel safe. However, doesn't it seem odd that they assume tallness equals physical safety? Being tall doesn't automatically make you tough, it just makes you tall. Toughness and height aren't mutually exclusive. One has nothing to do with the other and has no actual bearing on a woman's physically safety, she just believe' s it does.

So, would you really want a girl who thinks you can automatically protect her because your tall and then if you don't or can't, she freaks out on you? Would you really want that pressure?

Most importantly, why would any guy simply want to be with a girl who's ONLY with them because they are tall? Doesn't that seem wrong? Your height or lack there of, is or isn't a reason to be with someone. How they treat you, who they are, what's in their heart and soul, should be the reason not height.

So, guys next time you feel down about your height, just remember it's just a number and not a clear representative of who you are as person or a man. It's simply just two digits with an apostrophe. That's all it is though.

#HeightIsJustANumber #It'sNoBigDeal

Food for Thought: For Guys Who Don't Like Their Height and Wish to be Taller
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