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"Why aren't we together yet?" - date #10


I won't go into too much detail on this date, but here's a detailed description of our last three dates:

First kisses and those scary little three words - date #9

How to have a cheap date (including amazing atmosphere, great conversations) - date #8

Slowly falling for him, him hugging strangers, a really cute letter - date #7

Hot drinks, food, forest

On date #10, I was in a major rush because I had other university-related stuff to do first. I then braided my hair, put on leggings and a very long blouse, a thick jacket, grabbed bottles filled with hot tea and went to meet him.

We went to the forest, enjoyed feeling cold together and then got food. Everything was perfect, we were holding hands, kissing and having such a great time that when it was dark, I looked at him and said: "Why aren't we together yet?" and he thought about it for a bit and said "I really don't know."

I love how appreciative he is of the many small things I do to make him feel comfortable around me. He's slowly opening up to me, which is such a relief too.

[Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash]
[Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash]

How do you deal with the cold?

Have you ever felt like you were behaving like a couple before going official?

"Why aren't we together yet?" - date #10
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  • Funsize720
    Yes. My boyfriend and I thought for 2 months that we were together exclusively. Then we both realized we never asked, lol. It just vibed naturally to where we didn't have to ask. We just knew
    Is this still revelant?
    • That's so sweet and an awesome response, thanks for commenting <3

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  • anon1903
    Sweet of you to narrate your personal experiences here <3
  • Sparda20xx
    Sounds like you two have good chemistry. Just give it time
  • Avicenna
    Sounds like things are progressing nicely and you’ve found a way around the new lockdown.
  • msc545
    Wow - interesting to read, but it's taking a LONG time!
    • Reading the myTake or us being together finally? LOL :D

    • msc545

      Not yet... waiting!

  • That sounds fun, hot drinks out in nature
  • Pulseofsulfur
    It's sounds like you two instantly vibe well
  • Anonymous
    Why haven't you put out yet?