Spending the weekend together (unintentionally) - dates #13-15


I spent the weekend with my now-boyfriend and though it wasn't intentional, I had a great time.

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Day 1


My flat mate was gone for the weekend and I had invited my guy to cook a meal together.

We both thought he'd go home afterwards. In the morning, he missed his train and arrived a little later than initially planned, which meant that we had slightly less time with one another (stressed me out a little).

We had breakfast, went for a little walk and then I cooked a Southern German/Austrian dish for him: Käsespätzle.


I thought he would help me cook, but he was on the phone with another guy for 30-40mins.

While eating, he told me he didn't like the way I cut the onions and I explained to him that we don't have good (sharp, heavy) knives and that I CAN cut onions the way he likes, just not with those knives (this will be important for another post :) ).

Popping his pimples

I was a little angry at his remark but he can't show his appreciation that well and I figured we'd just chill a bit and he'd go home afterwards. He let me handle his bacne (back acne), which was so much fun and he told me later that it felt really good and that I took amazing care of him, LOL. I love popping pimples and have plenty of experience.

It got late, so we had to force ourselves to let go of one another. I knew he wouldn't find the way, so I tried explaining it to him the best I could (it was so late he didn't want me to accompany him) and sent him off.

I was relieved to be on my own again, incredibly tired and just spent from the entire day. As I had anticipated, he didn't make it to the train station.

I had told him that if he couldn't find the train station, he should come back to my apartment and sleep on the couch, no problem. When it gets dark, the neighbourhood I live in is no longer safe. There are a lot of junkies and normal people all across the city who get into fights, which is incredibly annoying and also dangerous.

He got into a fight but handled it rather well and eventually, after more than an hour, found his way back to me (it would've taken him less than half of that if he had been able to follow my directions, he had shared his live location with me).

I knew he was sad and tired, so I let him play with my Orbeez (yes, you read that correctly), which soothed us both. After that, he went and had a shower, I did the same after him. We laid down on the VERY narrow couch, which was incredibly uncomfortable, but we're in love so those things don't matter too much.

We went to bed very late - it must've been 7 or 8am - and I stayed with him for a bit but then went to my own bed (COMFORT) for 2 hours and returned when I woke up.

Day 2

My flat mate still hadn't returned that day, so we tried REALIZING how we had ended up waking up next to one another. It seemed surreal - especially since it hadn't been too long ago that I had lived more than 600 miles (1000km) away from him.

We went for a walk again, got food and had a lot of fun. I then walked him to the train station, but half-way there, I stopped him and asked him whether he wanted to stay one more night. He smiled at me and said YESSSS in a very enthusiastic manner and hugged me, so we went back to my place and did some Netflix & Chill in the evening before going to bed.

[Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash]
[Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash]

Day 3

On our final day with one another that unfortunately only lasted until lunch, he went outside to buy breakfast and we enjoyed our last hours and minutes with one another just like we had enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

[Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash]
[Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash]

The good

There are a lot of things that happened that weekend that I didn't mention. I fell in love with him more, he told me that he loved me three times and we decided that we were together - not from now on, no, we actually backdated it to our first kiss (date #9) because this made sense to both of us.

It felt amazing and like I was in a really good dream to be able to spend this much time with him... I felt comfortable and loved.

He accidentally gave me pretty intense hickeys I had to cover up for a week (I gave him way more intense ones as revenge, but in a spot nobody would see) - I wasn't angry or anything, it's just funny that neither of us (19 and 25) had experienced how annoying they were in your day to day life. Getting hickeys as an adult is frowned upon way more than it is as a teen in my opinion.

[Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash]
[Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash]

The bad

As on our other dates, he always wanted to go outside to get some fresh air, go for a quick walk or "visit the dudes" as he'd say. This is important for what's coming up, so I will mention it again. In one of our best moments that weekend, he expressed his desire to get some fresh air, which made me pretty angry and luckil, I was able to convince him to stay.

The ugly

He's hairy. Like, imagine a regular guy (what is that even?) but with longer-than-usual hair. He has hair on his legs, his chest, his belly, and he also has a beard, long eyebrows and hair on his head.

The problem is - I like to maintain a clean home. I usually vacuum every day as this helps me feel more at home. This wasn't possible while he was there (I didn't want to waste time) and he lost so much hair each day, especially when showering.

Now, mind you, he didn't shave and they were too short to be hair from his head, so we investigated the matter and came to the conclusion that it had to be leg, chest or belly hair (his back isn't hairy).

I still found hair of his a week after he was gone (didn't mind it though, it was just funny).

[Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash]
[Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash]

The aftermath

I had covered his back with pimple patches, as I cannot pop infected pimples. I also gave him my socks, did his eyebrows and beard before I sent him off. He met his best friend, who noticed the socks and was jealous (they have donuts on them).

Quick explanation: We can share all clothing (including shoes more or less), we're the same height and I have way more curves, so everything that fits me fits him (but not the other way around).

He then met his sister, who immediately noticed his eyebrows and insisted that a girl had done them - he recorded her reaction, it was really funny to listen to what she had to say, they're rather close. He denied everything, but she knew, especially when he bent down to put his shoes on, his shirt rode up and she saw the pimple patches (she lifted the shirt up too)..

When he met his mom, she told him that she knew he'd met someone and said: "just tell me that her name isn't [my actual not-so-common middle name]". He was a little freaked out by that, I think his mom has good intuition, but it was a little freaky.

Anyways, I had a great time and hope to be able to continue this series soon - there's so much I haven't gotten off my chest yet.

What about you - have you ever unintentionally spent the weekend with someone?

What's your opinion on getting hickeys as an adult?

Spending the weekend together (unintentionally) - dates #13-15
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