Unpopular Opinion: Top Reasons In Defense of Dating Exes Again

Unpopular Opinion: Top Reasons In Defense of Dating Exes Again

They Know Your Baggage

Being in a relationship is great at first. But at some point you want to be able to have sex with someone free from judgment later down the line. Why not shag with someone who already knows your vulnerabilities, imperfections, and baggage?

Dating During the Hookup Age is a Dumpster Fire

Let's be honest. In these modern times new people you date have no motivation to be loyal or stay longer than 3 dates. The dating world is far crueler than it was before the dating app age. At the first sign of imperfection or a fight your partner is right back on a dating app secretly swiping for the next hottie to bump uglies with. Save the drama and the heart ache and go back to the heartbreak you at least already know about.

The Sex is Better

Contrary to what people think. The sex is usally not better with a new person. It takes awhile to build sexual rapport and chemistry.

Lower Body Count

STD's are very common. There are millions with them out there. Even if you use protection it doesn't protect against everything like herpes. Not only that but women are slut shamed for their body counts and men are slut shamed too. Why not limit your body count of partners by keeping an ex as a fuck buddy?

The Evils You Know Are Better Than the Ones You Don't

That's right. What is painful is finding out bad things about a new partner. Or being cheated on by someone you thought you were falling in love with. It is better to save the heartache with drama you are familiar with. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT VIOLENCE OR ABUSE!

Better to Fix What's Old than New

It is often better to fix an imperfect relationship from an ex sometimes rather than through the confusion of a new partner. That partner may be new now but every relationship has issues. It's better to try to tweak or repair a relationship you are familiar with rather than be blindsided by a new partner's issues.

Unpopular Opinion: Top Reasons In Defense of Dating Exes Again
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