2 Reasons Why Women Travel Solo That They Will Never Tell Their Dating Partners


If you meet a woman and she say's she travels abroad alone just have fun? DO NOT take her seriously as relationship material. Don't be fooled by Hollywood and her explanation that she is on a journey to "find herself" and experience some zin like spiritual quest. Don't fall for it.

Here are 2 secret reasons why women travel abroad alone that they will never tell you.

1. Anonymity With Zero Accountability

2 Reasons Why Women Travel Solo That They Will Never Tell Their Dating Partners

A lot of very beautiful women have pretty much zero accountability because they live their life in privilege. They can go on dates and get free drinks and free food just by showing some cleavage and putting on some make up. Guy's just randomly give them gifts for no reason. They basically walk through life with very little accountability. Well, the same is true in relationships.

Because they have so many thirsty guys at their heels they either dont want to be tied down or view relationships as disposable. Us men have to do self reflection when a relationship ends. A lot of women don't. They just jump to the next guy on their roster of a dozen beta males simping for her. She never accepts blame.

In the end she has a trail of broken hearts in her home town. Men she's hurt or taken advantage of who hold her accountable to what she's done. She travels abroad to be free of accountability. She can have sex and be promiscuous with random guys. Get as much dick as she wants without having to deal with a man's feelings. Floods of one night stands or short term boyfriends with an excuse to leave.

2. Women Want To Experience a Fantasy

A lot of girls say they want a relationship but really don't. See, women in the dating market live in a fantasy world. A relationship is real work. They want to experience a romantic fantasy. Randomly meet a guy, have exciting sex (I never have had a one night stand before..wink wink), keep their innocence, fall in love. The term is called "Limerence".

2 Reasons Why Women Travel Solo That They Will Never Tell Their Dating Partners
2 Reasons Why Women Travel Solo That They Will Never Tell Their Dating Partners
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  • Knighted2170

    So what you are saying is that all women, not some, but all women who travel abroad alone fall into these categories?

    There is no other possible reason they would travel abroad alone?

    Based on what fact do you get this from other than your own observation?

    This is stupid. It's nothing more than a way to make an excuse to not talk to someone and write them off without ever knowing them or who they are. Let's just lump them all into a single category.

    Hmm, seems I read something similar in history class several times on this.

    It's not that your screwed up, it's ALL the thousands of women who travel abroad by themselves in the exact same way. What are the odds of that taking place?

    No woman, not one, that travel abroad alone would ever make a good girlfriend for ANY guy?

    This is nothing more than a way to make an excuse for your own short coming. It's nothing more than a victim mentality.

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    • @Knighted2170. You should change your handle to "White Knighted"😂😂😂😂😂

      Go ahead sparky, let your girlfriend or wife travel alone. Her pussy will come back there sizes bigger.

  • Turrorrr

    it doesn't apply to everyone cmon.
    you seem like you have been dissapointed with some girl you have developed emotions for.

    many like to travel alone because they dont have good friends or friends they want to travel or they cannot schedule traveling with friends. but they still want to travel

    traveling is a mind healing activity for both men and women. it has to do something with our subconcius.

    if you travel alone, you get a bit more emotional and individualistic in terms of your surroundings. when a need urges, you just look to find a partner in the same boat for a night. then you move on.

    from your perspective, i would say the opposite - it is the men who seek validation with ons'. if you were ever in a hostel or a traveling hang out, the amount of thirsty men vs women is usually 3-4:1.

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    • hahahmm

      If a woman wants to travel for vacation without you there's a high likely hood that it's to be disloyal. Of course if you trust all women or you think your girlfriend would never cheat it's hard to believe.

Most Helpful Girls

  • ImSparkly

    I traveled alone because I didn’t want to deal with anyone else’s shit. If I wanted to linger at a museum for a while, I can. If I want to blow off a day at a beach, fuck it, I can. If I wanted to admire early medieval architecture and take photos, I can. I set my own schedule, and see what I want. Fuck the free drinks, I’ll buy my own. The last think I want to do on holiday is a spend a night at a bar with drunk guys wanting to take me home. Now a club with good music? Sure, but I might be there with a group from the hostel and leave with them after a few hours.

    I think your view is misguided.

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    • Lliam

      Exactly, I'mSparkly. Good for you. Apope16 just thinks that all women are gold digging sluts. How sad.
      I wonder if he has a problem with guys traveling alone, which I've done many times for the same reasons you mentioned.

  • Alyssa11

    I mean I want to travel solo so bad because I’m having mental health issues and hardly any healthy friendships etc. I need to spend some time alone and recharge. I’m literally at the verge of losing my shit. Once I get my shit together I’m wifey material. So that’s not right...

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  • OlderAndWiser

    Anytime I see a post that attempts to portray ALL members of some group which is composed exclusively of the opposite sex in negative terms, I think that the guy is butthurt, alone, and bitter.

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  • HiveBee

    there's plenty of girls who travel a lot, expressly for sex. Not even to other countries. Just to other cities where she won't be seen and judged for her sexual exploits.

    I pretty much think of women as the same as men now. I imagine, if I was a man with a woman's privileges what would I do? And women do that shit lol. We ain't no different at ththe end of the day it seems. I dont know why everyone wants to deny that women are horny freaks too.

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  • es20490446e

    Sorry, but I have to agree with the sexist Pope here. I have seen this quite often.

    Frequently these women say they want love, but when you look at their actions they don't match at all. They have a trail of guys they flirt with, and nobody they get truly involved with. For a long time.

    I think my hippie looks get them confused, and they usually offer to fuck me. What a surprise for them I don't want to know anything from them, after they tell me they have a partner they aren't really serious with.

    Yeah, today they quit their partner to be with me. Next day they quit me to be with someone else. How many fucking times I have experienced that? These days I know better.

    I'm sorry to tell you this, women, but most of you I don't trust you anymore by default. I need time to get to know a girl, and see that she's not a completely asshole.

    And men, I don't think any better about you. Most of you allow this abuse to happen. That includes the man-ladies too, you allow these women to use you. You fuck the lowlifes that I discard, you fuck rubbish pussy and then post about it on GaG.

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  • averageguy4

    I wonder if there is a reverse to this post where a guy travels alone because he is sophisticated and doesn't cheat. Personally i would in fact feel weird if my s/o wanted to go to a different country without me but i think this post is more a projection of your beleif that all attractive women are living the easy life when all attractive women have to deal with a million guys that think exactly like this. Everyone has good and bad in their life. Almost everyone* im sure there are exceptions.

  • FictionalCharacter

    Where do you get your analogy?

    Are you comparing different travelers as ONE person?

    Men version
    Men version
    Women version
    Women version
  • EternallyCorrect

    This may or may not be true for many women. Maybe some women are retarded enough to think that travelling to “find themselves”, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean, is a good idea.

    However it doesn’t matter. It’s true for enough women that it’s suspicious, and a woman who travels alone while in a relationship is definitely suspicious.

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  • Explorer91

    You sound bitter. You are generalising attractive women to be selfish and not wanting relationships,
    sounds like you have the fantasy of being with an attractive woman.

  • snackthatsmilesback

    That's why I try to stick with people who think cheating is wrong. And have yknow self control. Cause then they can travel alone for whatever the fuck they want and not cheat on me while they do. 🤙

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  • KrakenAttackin

    Very true. I have seen lone American women overseas and they are loud, drunk, and clearly looking to fuck. These women just confirm my worst fears about western women.

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  • Monfrere

    This is a formula for bad society with bad morals, where cheating becomes normal.. better not encourage this behaviour

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  • worldscolide

    I love how the first two pinks are the offended replies.. Lol Shows they are afraid to admit the truth.

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  • natured

    You generalizing the fact that all women are the way you described makes me vomit. I'm truly shocked, I mean did you ever consider saying PEOPLE at least? Not just WOMEN...
    As if men do not travel for fun? Oh you poor species you are all so innocent...
    You honestly must have deep problems if you wrote this MyTake so smoothly without even hesitating to READ IT AGAIN AND AGAIN, and at least reflect on the things you actually are so fond of... I'm really sorry if you have been through something, but this whole MyTake does not make sense at all, especially when you are attacking WOMEN IN GENERAL.
    Sorry, but shame on you.

  • Lliam

    Having such a low opinion of women must suck for you.

  • Iron_Man

    Thanks Also they could be closet one night stand bisexual girls hiding it from their family so when they travel alone on vacation the demons come out

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  • zagor

    Yeah, if you have a bit of confidence and are decent looking travel is a great way to get a diversity of women (in non-covid times).

  • IveGotNoName

    Maybe they just want to travel?

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  • SaoirseS

    Some of these posts are really laughable.

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  • Djaay

    Accually it shows they're courage and determination. More so , those who quaintly wander aren't nesessarily lost.

  • bamesjond0069

    Good points. Yeah women who travel alone are more likely than not up to no good. I wouldn't date on for sure.

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  • Justneedtokno

    Or just want to leave and get away. Without the hassle of others

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