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One reason men will not invest in a relationship!

One reason men will not invest in a relationship!

During the course of normal banter back and forth between men and women on GAG (and everywhere else) one recurring theme I see is that women complain "men won't invest in the relationship". Please note, when I say "men" I am excluding the top 10% Chad Thundercocks who don't invest in a relationship simply because he doesn't have to. Chad plays by different rules than 90% of men and Chads exploits are a topic for a different "My Take". I am talking about the regular fellow who would make a good husband, provider, protector, and father.

First, we need to have some definition about what "investment" looks like for a man. To me, a man's investment in a relationship includes:

-Time. Making her the center of your time outside of your work world. Coordinating with her any time consuming events (i.e. weekend trips, going out after work, vacations).

-Money. Using his financial resources to help or impress her. This might include regularly taking her out to dinner dates, buying her gifts, or perhaps helping her with school tuition, student loans, credit card bills, etc.

-Emotional. The man ceases contact with other women, forgoes sex with other women, stops surfing dating apps, is not opposed to listing her as his significant other on social media and in person. Accepting her for who she is and working to establish the mutual emotional bond with a goal of a successful long term relationship.

-Marriage. Making a formal, public, and LEGAL commitment to her; an enforceable legal contract with very real penalties for termination.

-Children. Agreeing to have a child with her (in or out of marriage).

Of course there are other "investments" one can make but I think the preceding cover the majority.

A significant percentage of young men (and young women) grew up in homes headed by single-mothers and have not seen a successful relationship. Many of the single-mothers openly criticized the father directly to the son, which not only confused the young boy it also gave him a negative view of himself as a future man. Often the young man has seen his single mother roll through a variety of men through the years, none of whom "measure up" to his mother's standards. This young man might have bonded with some of these men only to see them disappear, with his mother saying something like "Oh, he's gone".

This boy, who is now a young man, enters the dating market and begins to date women, only to be very confused about the "rules" which seem contrary, arbitrary, and utterly confusing. This young man just wants a decent relationship with a compatible girl, but finds it beyond frustrating. He dates and girls show interest, but disappear, go back to their ex's, say they like him as a "friend", cheat on him when he thought they were exclusive, or otherwise act in a way he cannot understand. Being a reasonably handsome and fundamentally good guy he is great at getting a girls attention and she is more than willing to go and have coffee with him, be a text buddy, talk on the phone, but nothing more. He listens to her complain about how Chad treats her so badly, but she stays with him or moves on to the next Chad, all the while he is thinking "WTF, why don't you want me"? He is at a loss about what he is doing wrong but is determined to fix it.

Continuing, this young man gets advice about how to act with a girl when in a relationship (not friend zone) such as "show your vulnerable side", or "be persistent and tell her how you feel about her". He tries this advice and finds that women are repelled in horror and disgust.

Every women this young fellow has dated has found some shortcoming in who he is, what he says, does, or how he acts. Not too long after he starts dating a woman she ejects, taking with her a piece of his pride and confidence. The above is a regular experience for the majority of young men in the dating world.

So, ladies, to put this in perspective, let me paint a picture.

Imagine you live in an apartment without a lease agreement, that is you are free to leave at any moment. Each morning you wake up and wonder if you should stay in this apartment or move on to a different apartment. There is nothing holding you back, there are unlimited apartment options online and you regularly scroll through them "just to see what's out there". Additionally, there are literally thousands of landlords who want you to move to his "apartment", and they are willing to let you move in right away, today! Who knows, if you find something clearly better you will make the move, right? Why not?

Why don't men invest? Correctly or incorrectly, men are convinced that women have one foot-out-of-the-door, given the vast array of options she has. No matter what she says, our young man has heard it before, only to have his "tenant move out" without warning. Leaving him a deep distrust of new "tenants". Yes, women will counter with "men do this too", and I agree, but not nearly to the degree that young women do. The reality is young women have all of the dating power and dating apps and social media have amplified this power.

A young man of average appearance and wealth cannot hope to compete with "the internet" when it comes to women, and he knows it.

What can you do about it ladies? Easy. YOU will have to be the one to make at least an equal amount of investment in the relationship. This includes deleting dating apps, stopping contact with your "friend zone bench" and ex's, make your relationship public on social media, defend your man publicly and let him know you have his back, stop centering your dress and social media presence around drawing attention (risque pictures and dress). Does this sound crazy?

Although women hold the keys to dating and sex, clearly, women have forgotten men hold the keys to marriage. Your time as a girlfriend is your audition for "wife" and "mother of his children" (notice I didn't say "baby daddy").

Ladies if you want men to "step up", YOU will have to "be the change you wish to see".

One reason men will not invest in a relationship!
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  • TruthBringer
    Wow what can I say? You absolutely nailed it with this one! I literally see this all around me. Dudes fed up with relationships and women because of the very reasons you've described here. I have guy friends who are in their 20s and already gave up dating. They are tired of mindgames and rather focus on their careers, hobbies and even gaming. It's quite a shame really. I got told that whenever they find a girl like my girlfriend, they would think about giving it a chance. But then again it took me A WHILE to find my girlfriend amongst the hundreds of girls who were simply not worth it.

    And uh it doesn't surprise me one bit that you managed to trigger the snowflake feminists of G@G. Goes to show they once again cannot take accountability. It's always men's fault in their eyes. I'm looking forward to your next truth bombs. Let their assess bleed
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    • @TruthBringer Thank you sir!

    • @TruthBringer I invite you to see my response to his take.

    • Yeah I totally understand this. But if I didn't have a major life goal I would put more effort into girls. I just can't do both. I can't. Not because it isn't possible but for me to focus on girls I have to change and overcome that world and im too busy trying to overcome this other word to make my dreams a reality. It cannot do both. And if I didn't chase my dreams I'd be a shell of myself and a shell of a man in the end.

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  • Not_Average
    You’re really not asking for a lot from women here. Just put in the same amount of investment. Not sure why everyone is so triggered here. It’s strange to me that people attack men’s struggles so viciously in modern society. Deem it as whining or weak. Honestly any woman who’s offended by putting in an equal amount of investment is best avoided
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    • Or we lower our perfectionism just a small mutual amount 💓💓🥳

    • Well said. It's ironically always the very ones who scream "equality" who are offended by actual equality 😂

    • Pete671

      @TruthBringer perfectly said, in UK women got state pension age 60, men at 65, this has been fixed now, when it was announced, loads of women mental at it, in spite of women living longer,,,

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  • Ez-Bri-Z
    Bruh... there is so much wrong with this that I genuinely feel bad you actually spent so much time writing it.

    You lump sum 90 % of men as being possibly non committed. You insult single mothers ignoring the fact that maybe the men she is trying to find make promises to her just to hook up and then bail on those promises. I see a ton of the blame going to women in general and reserving very little for guys and then the final women need to be the change they want made be burst out in a laugh.

    There are lot and lots of men who are willing and able to make commitments. Maybe stop looking at women as owing you something when we clearly don't. This is projection at its finest. Dont get me wrong there are some women who act just like you describe but this is far from the norm.

    Better advice for both men and women when it comes to dating. Don't try to find someone you feel you need to make changes to in order to have a happy relationship. Find someone you enjoy being with who even in spite of their flaws you still find yourself drawn to and are ok spending your life with. Find someone who can communicate and compromise with you, but not compromise who they are.

    This isn't a man vs woman debate about who is at fault because the true honest answer is, both are.
    • @Ez-Bri-Z. This is a my take from the make perspective. I am certain females will have a different take. My core point is that men growing up often have negative experiences with women starting with their own mothers. The culmination of these negative experiences make men very hesitant to invest in a relationship.

    • Ez-Bri-Z

      Yeah, I'm sure we do have a different take which is why you hear of so many girls having daddy issues.

      So do we get to say this is still guys faults that we grow up to have issues and end up as single mothers who then supposedly pass on bad parenting examples to men?

    • @Ez-Bri-Z. Fire away.

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  • kc_4308
    I know what you need Kraken and please don’t take this the wrong way.. you need one woman who can show you all women aren’t the same that’s it ! Do you wake up with lemons 🍋 in your mouth?

    The reason why men won’t invest.. they simply can’t attract quality women.
    • kc_4308

      Their quality themselves because they have issues

    • @kc_4308. I really don't believe that to be true. Young men have been given a bunch of "data" (for lack of a better term) about what "women want". When men, who are essentially logic driven, begin to apply this data they find it is not only NOT valid, it is destructive.

      As for me, I am past the dating/hookup period of life so this stuff doesn't apply to me. I am just shocked to see the brutality of the modern dating world and I fear the long term consequences for the West.

    • kc_4308

      We’ll factor in the vaccine because we have a bigger problem- this is beyond dating for the “West” .. once you see my next post it’ll make sense

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  • Subarugirl
    You could honestly take this whole thing and revers the genders and would have the same out come. Society changes, though what is desirable about a potential spouse is not.

    There are gonna be shitty people no matter where you go. Instead of whining about how unfair it is you could just do what the rest of us do and avoid them...
    • @Subarugirl You MIGHT be able to reverse this once women hit 40 or so. In your 20's women have enormous "dating" power, well beyond what average men have.

    • Subarugirl

      the ability find someone to hook up with sure, I can get onboard with that, but that all comes down to standards. If men weren't so desperate to get laid and raised their standards a little there wouldn't be so much of a gap.

      You make it sound like a woman having standers about who she wants to be in a relationship with is bad thing.

    • Smh 🙄🙄🙄

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  • Toldol2
    So false. Men who don’t invest in relationship are the ones who barely invest in their oneself. Women dont have a foot in and a foot out , we just go to work and make sure we don’t depend on a man to eat. We are not flowers ready to be picked and ruined by any insecure or immature man
    • @Toldol2. At your age you have finally realized how your bad behaviour in your youth had landed you where you are. Projecting on to men becomes a less and less effective tactic as you get older. You will need to try a new approach, like becoming a faithful and worthy partner.

    • grega239

      I do invest in my self. I bought myself an expensive watch , a 3d printer, lots of video games. Gonna get some LEDs for my car next.

    • Toldol2

      @krakenAttackin and where did I land with my bad behaviour? What is my current approach exactly? You don’t know what you are talking about. Men who invest in relationships are the ones who took the Time to invest in the relationship with themself first Period.

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  • Browneye57
    Spot on. Did you come up with all this on your own?
    All woman have 'one foot out the door'. The only thing keeping them there is their attraction to YOU. If she changes her mind, which she is subject to at any given moment, you may not longer be what's keeping her there. And there she goes, onto the next guy.

    A very hard pill to swallow - that a woman is only yours on loan. You never really possess her, she never really commits. She's there at her convenience, and then she moves on to the next guy. And so on and so forth. Just be grateful for your time together, enjoy it, and her, and then move on to the next one.

    The only way I know of, over my fifty years with women, to keep them true to you, loyal and in love, is to be so absolutely fucking awesome that she couldn't afford to leave you. I've tried to throw a few out before and they won't leave. No, that's just not what they want. You have to be ridiculously confident and accomplished, always good looking and well kept, well dressed, and have a shit-ton of dough. She would have to be an absolute idiot to lose out on that gravy-train.

    Women love opportunistically. As long as they perceive their needs are being met they're all in. If or when that changes, they wander off looking for that CHAD THUNDERCOCK.
    • @Browneye57 To answer your question, yes this my take is just my thinking, although it is a composite from many conversations with men.

  • devilish-cutie
    Yeah, this is how WEAK men act, dont need that one anyways

    And you are delusional thinking women have it easier, finding good match and right mate is very hard for everyone.
    • @devilish-cutie. If you could not find a good man in your 20's this is your fault. Plain and simple. If you partied away your prime sexual market value you need to take responsibility for that.

      Your statement "this is how WEAK men act", is like other women 30+ saying "where have all the good men gone" or "I need a real man". Which is woman-speak for "no man will have me because my behavior and attitude is incredibly poor".

      You being 30+ will only have a harder time landing a quality man, so you had better check your privilege and realize you can't "bitch" a man into loving you.

    • You dont know nothing about me so I don't know what you are even on about. It's so easy to put blame on someone without actually knowing anything about their life.
      For your record, I look like im 20 so guys 20+ show iterest in me all the time, so my age doesn't matter at all. So go figure, its not black and white oh im 30, im old the horror! Honestly i dont care, ill look 30 when 40, im generally pretty and men are always interested in me, as to most men looks are everything in the woman.
      Anyways, there are so many great amazing mature men out there, the one you discribed is really immature and weak in my eyes, that's all i meant to say.

    • @devilish-cutie. So you are happily married with a family?

      ... didn't think so.

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  • This_Is_My_Opinion8
    The Chads you talk about only attract low level women. Time - at no point in life all of your free time must be around a person. Having the things your like to do alone, your hobbies and friends are very important. Never ditch them for a partner. Money- Don't ever try to impress a woman with money. You know if the woman sitting across the table with you on a date with is super rich or not don't you? She knows it too about you so there is no point in impress her that way. Emotional - this is valid for everyone. Unless you are a couple, you don't own him/her nothing. So keep talking with whoever you want while you are dating. If things get serious then start to invest more. Do this when you are sure of the character of the person in front of you. Marriage - if your relationship is the same after you get married as it was before, you won! It's not going to change just because you signed a contract and had a party. You are still the same people before and after marriage. Children - use a condom if you are not in a very serious relationship. I don't care about any excuses, just use it! Again this is valid for everyone! In the US less than 6% of all households have single mothers. That's enough to bring all that theory to the ground. Also as a man raised by a single mother I can safely say I knew the rules of dating better than most of my peers did. Case and point I did show my wake side to my wife even before she was my wife, and we'll she is my wife now. Let me tell you how it works. Be yourself. You see them liking that and reciprocating, good. They don't? Next! Is that easy All right expect people are not apartments. Think of it more like dogs. Why? Because people actually make emotional connection with their dogs. Even if your dog is badly trained, is lazy, just eats and sleeps their owners still love him and don't change him right? And we form even stronger bonds with people! So of course no one ditches one they have a bond with just like that. Why would anyone stay in a relationship with someone that doesn't show the same commitment? Makes no sense. If anyone is doing it they are stupid. Men listening to me now... WOMEN LOVE SEX TOO! Don't act like desperate monkeys and you will see what happens.
    • Shit I messed up the paragraphs. My bad.
      One thing I agree. If you like a girl and she doesn't like you don't expect that listening to all her problems will change that.
      Keep your witts about you and if you see she is not into you, block your emotions about her and just be her friend without expecting anything in return. Two things will happen...
      1. You won't get hurt
      2. She sees you as a good friend and might introduce you with very solid recommendations to her friends.

    • @TruthBringer I like to exchange ideas with you I know you will agree on most if what I said here.

    • Thank you! What you're suggesting is simply to treat women as humans, and have respect for yourself and them. Really not that hard.

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  • Wester1967
    Women are going to read what you wrote, and ignore it completely. Shame, Insult, Guilt trip you. "Who hurt you?" etc etc. Then they will go out and do the exact opposite. Just like all the Gen X girls I grew up with. And, they will get the same results as all the Gen X women I know -
    1. Single never married
    2. Single mom, divorced. No prospects
    3. Single mom, adopted or IVF from a sperm donor store, no partner.
    4. Single mom, remarried, settling for a hobo scrub.
    5. Alcoholic, childless, married to a geriatric drunk.

    Two women out of about 40 I grew up with got married and had kids and a marriage that lasted more than 10 years. Those two listened to their men and had stable father figures in their lives. All I see is the daughters of Gen X women making the same mistakes.
  • Hairylegs222
    I won't give up. Finding the one for me, she's out there. Sounds corny, but I keep trying.

    It's unfortunate how many bad experiences a person can have with the opposite sex to make them give up or just 1 girl or guy caused it in their lives.
    • @Hairylegs222 Bro, there is nothing wrong for looking for "the one". My one huge piece of advice would be to LISTEN TO THE LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD. If that voice tells you something is wrong, you need to listen to it.

    • Yes and my gut instinct. Usually my gut instinct is always right warning me about something that feels off.

    • @Hairylegs222 More younger men need to be told this. Men are often told to ignore their instincts when it comes to women as they are just happy she is with him, when in fact the warning sirens are screaming in the back of his head.

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  • bamesjond0069
    You exclude chad thundercocks, but im not going to invest in some monkey branching ho. If your body count is more than 3 by default you have zero value as a woman to me, only value as a fuck sleeve. Yet these trash women prefer to be a fuck sleeve than accept a man that would actually value them. Its kinda disturbing how much women hate themselves but such is life. Id rather bang trash all the time then wife a ho or be a monk.
    • @bamesjond0069. There is nothing wrong with a man drawing a hard line with a woman's body count. I stayed away from this topic as I was trying to convey to women a basic idea of why men are so suspicious of investing in relationships.

    • I think a lot of men dont care like that. Its just nuts these girls are with men who accept them and then try to get with a man like me a lot who straight up says you're nothing to me. Literally deal with this all the time.

    • @bamesjond0069. Yes, there is a whole range of men and there is no shortage of Simps who are a cancer. My point was to address the recurring question by women of "why won't men invest in a relationship".

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  • hi_it_is_me123
    So we can't want chads aka 10% of men but guys like you can want 10% of women (?).
    For you women over 30s are bad women. This means you or guys like you reject 80-90% of women but complain when women does the same. This is what i dont understand-Maybe i am wrong.
    At least dont be hypocritical. It is suprising how ignorant some guys are. Majority of women ain't in their 20s. Only 10-20% of women are in their 20s. So why it is ok to want 10%-20% of women but women get hate for wanting 10-20% of men?One reason men will not invest in a relationship!I personally dont care who you prefere. You can have preferences but just dont hate on 80-90% of women just because you decide to prefere to date 10% of women and had bad experience with young women.
    I can't stand it when you only see 10-20% of women dateable due their age but also hate on women for seeing 10% of men as dateable since it is hypocritical.
    • just date a 30+ year old when you're 20 theory

    • What do you mean? I am very open minded when it comes to dating preferences. I really respect it when guys have physical preferences. It is perfectly ok if you prefere curvy, thick, tall, thin, blonde etc women. I am saying this so nobody misunderstand me. I really dont if you prefere women in their mid 20s for example but many guys dont know that women in their 20s are minority. So by wanting young women you make your dating pool small and risk getting immature women since the brain development continue till in the mid 20s which affect the personality and maturity. So if a much older guy had a bad experience with a young woman due to different maturity level, he may think all women are like this which i see it a lot on gag.

    • bro if you're 20 just date a 30+ year old woman whats the problem

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  • MzAsh
    Interesting take. I agree with the fundamental idea behind what you’re suggesting to women. I do think that there are differences between men’s expectations, and those expectations can mean everything. I’ve once had a boyfriend who criticized what I wore, shamed my social media (it was MySpace back then), and talked me into quitting a beauty pageant because he couldn’t stand the thought of others looking at me in a bikini on stage. At the time, he had me thinking I was wrong for wanting to partake in these things. I slowly realized he was insecure among other things but that’s a different discussion for a different day.
    Anyway, so now I have a man who is fine me all of things I do, including social media without his name all over it. He knows I can have any man I want. And he knows I get attention even though I don’t reach for it. But we get along well because he, unlike the others, is confident in what he brings to the table and how it’s better than other men.
    I show my devotion to him in ways that I choose and that work for the both of us, and that may differ from couple to couple. It’s all about how well aligned you are with your partner.
  • 19magic
    I can agree to about half of this and so far that's true to most of the mytakes you've done so far. Both genders do need to put in the effort when only one gives and the other takes the one who gives will feel emotionally depleted and ends up feeling like crap. That goes for both men and women. I also agree that woman don't really initiate things so it's typically the men that do so which does give women the power. However if that's the case you may be putting many leads in the sea but your the one doing the selecting, seeing the gal and deciding on the one/ones you'd like. While woman typically don't get this choice it's always just take whomever comes up to you, and in the back of her mind wonder if he's gunna grope you or treat you like a normal human being. How often does a man who for the most part are taller, bigger than woman think is this girl gunna grab me and touch me in public.

    The main thing I don't get with your take though is the money thing, what money? The few times I've been brought things I'm always left with the feeling that I owe this guy and he's now expecting something in return. If he buys me a drink I later buy him a drink, normally the very next round so I don't feel as though I owe him something. Same with food, so what money are you investing when you're paying for yourself?
  • red324
    The same can be said for women. How many women don't invest in relationships and just play the guy with no intention of giving him sex let alone going on a date.
    • @red324. That's exactly my point. It seems as though men are expected to do all of the heavy lifting and risk taking in a relationship.

      If women would be willing to meet a man halfway more people would be happier.

  • DiegoO
    Interesting MyTake. I do agree that women's also have to put their effor in dating and relationships. At the same I think we are dealing with a wider phenomenom that affects men and women.

    The internet has made it easy to find someone for multiple porpoise, including dating or one night stand. It has been the case, mostly in areas with a big population.

    Nowadays you can be insanely selective, with an AI algorithim that copies your preferences. I know, it sounds damn good. Unfortunately its contributing to the urge of instant gratification within the romantic and/or sexual sphere. It means, more and more people are less likely to fully commit in a long term relationship, or feel satisfied with their sexual life; due to the long list of people we can encounter, for example, in a dating app. In other words, the facility to find someone fast, gives us an anti natural sensation that our possibilities to find a "perfect" match is limitless. Biology tells us we got a time limit, and the internet tell us: the grass is greener on the other side.

    Many are following what the internet is saying (more exactly: dating apps), not realizing the time is ticking.

    Another motive behind the failuries of actual relationships, in this era, can be vinculated to the uncertain future of our planet. It may be creating a global distress that will decrease the world wide population.
  • ToastyOats
    This is obviously how 90 percent of men feel about it. If the majority of women are like the posts in this thread you can assume that the majority of women just dont care about men and how they are effected by the current dating dynamics. Which really just makes the point of this poster!
    Women in my experience only care about themselves and having fun. Very few... Will actually care about their children. Almost none, care about men or the well being of our civilization.
    I honestly do not believe most women posses the ability to understand the complexity of our society enough to be able to come to the correct conclusions about their responsibilities within it and they are extremely unwilling to have anything explained to them.
    They have basically been encouraged to cold shoulder all men in their lives by the media. In microcosm, this would be like some jerk hitting on your girl by lying about you and encouraging her to forgoe her duties and promises.
    In real life this person would be subject to an ass kicking. And that is the solution in macrocosm as well.
    Thanks for your post, guy.
  • TonyMetal___86
    Amazing mytake, you hit the nail!
    Can't be more well written than this...
    Sadly this is the reality...
  • PositiveNote
    Very well put. The only thing I would differ on is to assume all men are the same or all women have the problem you are solving. I would like to see you use a starting condition, “If you are experiencing this, or seeing this…” Then, you would be writing about that certain group of individuals.
  • FatherJack
    No bitterness whatsoever towards women , single dad to a teen daughter , simply cannot be arsed with the pantomime known as " dating " , and to me , relationships = stress & aggravation. Simply prefer own company , you can only truly rely on yourself anyway.
  • Jamie05rhs
    The premise of this Take is flawed. You're putting the idea in women's minds that a man will help pay off her college tuition? Really?
    • @Jamie05rhs. Plenty of men have financially Simped for women.

    • Jamie05rhs

      @KrakenAttackin That's not simping. That's straight up cucking.

    • Jamie05rhs

      And you shouldn't be encouraging it by presenting that as a carrot to women it they straighten up.

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  • jshm2
    Or to put all that wall of text more succinctly:

    "Just because it takes two to Tango, doesn't mean everyone is good at it, or knows the right steps".

    People tend to forget that you bring something to the relationship, the other party too. But it's only if you have the right combination that it will work out. Just because one party has it all or the other is something "special" means very little long term.
  • Adam1978
    I think most women ask for commitment way to fast. It's one thing when you reached the state when both wants a family. Men has started to require attention back, and not just be a giver. That what is causing most complaints I have seen. Since most relationship doesn't make it far enough to even be about commitment to create something bigger then themselves.
  • spookywashere
    My boyfriend and I share the same traditional values. We plan on getting married, having kids, etc. I will do my part as a mother and housewife, and he will do his part as a father and provider. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle, I think the uprise in feminism has made it seem wrong to want this. It's what me and my s/o want, it makes us happy and works for us. He respects me as an indivudal, and I respect him in the same sense. We acknowlege we are our own separate people but we have chosen to both invest in sharing a life together. I also do not expect him to care for me, I don't have my hand out for him. I never ask for anything. We support eachother's needs and find a balance between us because that's how we think relationships should be.
    Communication is key, patience is key, mutual respect and understanding are essential. It is possible to have a healthy long-term relationship, you just have to find the right person to be with.
    • Pete671

      perfectly said, and I wish you both every happiness in your life together,,,,

  • disgustingweebtrash
    Commitment of resources should be withheld by both people until they see the other is a "genuine" human being.

    A lot of complaint's women have about dating is easily fixable for themselves due to them not being expected to provide/have any resources, but a man's only solution often is to gain resources to be more valuable in the area of dating.
  • Nazgol
    That's actually kinda sad, when you think about it:(
    • Nazgol

      But at the same time it's also a load of bull. What you described, guys do it too and it's pretty cruel, e. g. a guy that acts as a player & womanizer ( but deep down that's not really him) and his friends with benefits falls for him. He doesn't care & rejects. Also of course just plenty of regular girls available to date, but the guy is dumb like a 12 year old still playing video games, living in mommy's basement. Or thr high standard high value men who are so picky that almost all girls are out of their league. My last point is that: the heart wants what it wants. If a girl goes back talking to an ex or thinks of him, maybe he was truly the only one for her & they shouldn't have broken up. It's hard to change the heart, trust me

    • Nazgol

      Or the*

    • Nazgol

      & of course there are still lot of guys aka "pigs" who objectify women & only see them as sex objects. That's still an existing serious issue

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  • whirled_up_girl
    It's an interesting take, I respect your opinion. In my case, I always thought I was falling for the nice guys, but usually, they had one foot out the door and they were the ones leaving me for an ex. Somehow I was always the one who invested too much emotionally and scared them away with wanting more of a comittment. I could easily see many men being in the same situation though, so I think it could apply to both men and women but eh, your a man, I'm a women, so we're going to have different perspectives. In my case, I choose to work on myself and love who I was inside and out and I believe that's they only way anyone else could really love me.
    • Opps, sorry about my grammer errors, too bad GAG doesn't have an edit option.

  • FunkyMonkee
    My biggest reason is not being able to find anyone to invest in one, WITH!! The one time I did, the bitch eventually fucked me over by cheating on me after 10 years!!
  • Lionman95
    I think you truly make some point with your myTake. Though I´m not a Chad, as you call it for me that´s just partly true because fearing she might leave me is just a small part of it.
    Your MyTake sounds like it´s all a female problem but it´s not. Because take an average girl and a rather attractive guy and you can switch roles perfectly. Now it´s her fearing he might leave her for a more beautiful woman. It´s not the case that women have all the power because they also could be differentiated in terms of beauty.
    Therefore I think it´s just partly true. For me there´s another problem why I don´t invest in relationships at the moment. I´m short at the invests I could make. I don´t have much money to do online-dating, I don´t have much time at the moment to look for women.
    I need much time to get to a person and to estimate whether I like the person I talk to or not.
  • K-I-S-S
    "Regular" dudes have these issues yes. Guys do need to wake up a bit and speak upfront about their wants and needs.

    No need to become some type of chads. Respect goes both ways so don't go too crazy into opposite.
  • es20490446e
    Not women, but the women this guy dates.

    He was the one allowing the dates to happen.

    You can only be effective by being selective.

    Get to know the people outside of dating.
    • B83vtvre

      Pervert spotted

    • @B83vtvre all He saying is be a friend and you can watch and see how people are. How is that a pervert?

    • @Justneedtokno She has multiple accounts, which uses to insult people as long as possible.

      She always call me pervert.

      Whatever, troll blocked :D

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  • StefanieBaecker
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  • msc545
    Well written, although I wish you had included women's weaponization of the legal system, something they regularly deploy against men with horribly one-sided results. That alone deters (or should deter) any man with even a modicum of enlightened self-interest from becoming involved with any women other than prostitutes (who are far more interested in money and repeat business than they are in vengeance). The average woman is a serious danger to all men.
  • Jem38
    When he think that this woman is not worth it to invest. Clever enough.
  • Shiningtempest
    @KrakenAttackin After reading your tweet, I concluded that the return of investment for dating & marriage is abysmal at best.
  • Kaamraj
    You have presented a fully accurate observation and assessment of the situation. I would like to add my point of view of what is happening that feminism has succeeded in, at least in the west, to deregulate the sexual marketplace and return it back to how it was during the paleolithic times where sexual capital and command was held by the top 5% of men (alpha males) and the rest of the men being totally excluded from the marketplace. What makes it worse are the biased laws which make marriage a bad deal for men. Men are realizing this and starting to avoid marriages and focus on themselves. Sex, which was previously reserved for the alpha males or at least marriage because it had the potential to produce a life, is now a commodity with women either selling it indirectly on OF, or directly on the streets. Now unless women want to remain unmarried, share an alpha, or go WGTOW, they're going to have to negotiate.
    • Who is drug supplier? He clearly provides strong stuff so I will need his contact.

    • Kaamraj

      @This_Is_My_Opinion8 - Why dont you counter my views, you may suceed how knows.

    • 1. During the paleolithic most people had sex and families. This was a time when there were very few humans. The concept of monogamy, relationship, loyalty didn't exist. All that matter to them was taking care of the baby they didn't care if it was theirs or not. Every baby was a matter of survival of the species. Things were very different example, women were actually the main providers of food. Why? Because men were fighting a even bigger version of today's elephants with sticks and rocks. Meat was scarce. Women were scavengers and brought in most of the food.
      2. Even when the bronze age came along and things changed. War and the sentiment of property came with disputes for territory supplies and food do you really think only 5% of the population was having sex? 5%? Never ever in the history of the world only 5% of men were having sex. Not even close.
      3. What law do you have, written law that makes marriage bad for men?
      4. You know that even if marriages happen less they are still very frequent right? Not just men that want to marry less, women want to mess less now than any other time in history. Still there are tons of people getting married every year.

  • Kitty46
    You cannot talk for everyone, everyone is different. There maybe stuff that you don’t know.
  • Papabubbles
    I did this 100% dated, married, kid, our relationship was base on a few things in common but the 2 big ones disappeared and we ended up divorced.
  • KingofCups
    That's all good and fine if your goal is to get married and have a family. However I'd argue that a significant portion of the population, and young people in general just aren't interested in doing that. I'm not trying to perpetuate my ancestral karma cycle, I'm not trying to have kids and 'settle down'. I'm really just interested in connected deeply with some women and having a few long term relationships in my life. I know they will have an expiration date. I can accept that people are not a perfect match for each other for their whole life. I'm just here to have a spiritual connection, an emotional connection, and a hot sex life.
  • captain_voidwalker
    The reason men don't invest is simple. there's nothing to gain from investing into a relationship. When you invest into a stock or a business or any other thing you might invest into. You do it because there's a profit motive. You expect a return on your investment. But in a relationship there is no profit. In the best case scenario you break even. But most relationships result in an increased financial, emotional, and spiritual debt. A debt that will keep costing you long after the relationship has ended.
  • JustinTimberlegs
    I love making generalisations, and sarcasm.
  • Fuentes
    Lol the truth must hurts i noticed some angry woman here in anon, they do not understand they will be future cat ladies by disagreeing.
  • Lancastar
    It's all bout insecurities or else one might think the other is obsessed that they'll stick by all the time even without offering anything
  • Drzen
    Reading comments while drinking my coffee... and SMH
  • BigKevHanma
    Dude are you a fucking prophet💯 👑
    • @bigkevhanma Thanks man, just some observations from a guy who has a few years and lots of miles.

  • ChiTown33
    On point as always @KrakenAttackin
  • NawfZumbi
    We know it’s all smoke and mirrors the first few months.
  • Asianguy123
    If he has money he will buy his girl friend a ring. If he is not he can’t
  • Better_off_here
    men who are not ready will not invest at all with anyone.
  • JamesRandiDebates
    Not possible. The modern skank is incapable of even the facade of respectability.
  • Zygum
    No time to read this Novel