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Are there any men that exist who want to in a committed relationship? I think not!

Are there any men that exist who want to in a committed relationship? I think not!

I am fed up at this point with "men", everytime I meet someone that I think potential to be in a relationship with does not want to commit. I don't understand, why date if you don't want a SO. I am so over getting my heartbroken every couple of months, I am over it! It's really same story everytime around the one month mark: " I think you're a great and nice girl, but I'm just not ready for a relationship". And these trash men have the audacity to ask to just be friends after that, no! That's not how works! I'd you want to be around me then commit.

At this point I've given up, and I'll just have accept dying alone, and ne er getting the family or husband that I know I deserve because men like that just don't exist, and the thing that gets me is the people that say, "you'll find something eventually". WHEN IS THAT EXACTLY, when I'm old, dusty, and crusty, when I'm past my prime? No thank you! I truly think feminism ruined dating for girls like me who want a genuine connection and to build something with someone, to feel pursued. Dating sucks and don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

Are there any men that exist who want to in a committed relationship? I think not!
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  • Staximus
    Maybe you don't know how to pick good guys. Re-evaluate the way you select them. You're getting attached to these guys too quickly. That might scare them off. Don't start falling for a guy until you know he cares as much about you as you do about him. Read that last sentence 10 more times. You're confusing infatuation with love. You're not in love with a guy after one month, you're just infatuated. You don't even know him enough to be in love after just one month. They obviously don't. You are prematurely falling in love with and attaching yourself to these guys that don't love you yet. You might be what they call a stage 5 clinger. That's ok to be a stage 5 clinger, but not every guy is ready for that in one month. Young guys aren't ready for marriage after one month. Maybe 2 years. Maybe you should start looking for guys that are ready to settle down, a few years older than you. Not some guy that just got out of college, still goes out and parties all the time and shit like that. Those guys are not looking for marriage. It's not 1955 anymore where everybody gets married and has kids in their late teens and early 20's.
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  • ArchivalMars2
    Ok first of all if you keep that attitude I promise no guy is going to want to be with you. And I can tell you right now that there are a number of guys who want a committed relationship but you won't meet them if you keep acting so bitter and angry. No guy wants to be with a girl that makes him feel like shit.
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  • GreenLanternI0I
    Man, not boys ( 20, 30, 40 or even 50 year old boys) MEN, they want a lot of sex whenever they want it and they want children. If you can come to terms with those two things, you can and you WILL find a husband that will love you and be with you and yours kids for the rest of your life.
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  • GoPhuckYaself
    We don't have to date and stay and make a commitment to one girl... Human freedom Hun.. you can't make us get a girlfriend, we have that choice... If we want to jus have one night flings and fuckbiddies it is our human rights... In sorry you want what you can't have. Guys who want a relationship (lol). Most men jus aren't that way. We aren't living in the 18 hundreds anymore and pretending to be loyal.. were exposing our true colours the way men really are.. what you gonna do?
    You can't decide nature and make men a certain way and make them wanna be loyal. The same way I can't make girls stop being bitches... This is jus our nature, take it or leave it. Or leave us alone and forget about us,
    If y'all bitches didn't want one night flings too y'all wouldn't be doing it with us anyway so it's only you're fault if you got your little feelings hurt... No one said that jus cos we did it were now boyfriend and girlfriend, jus enjoy your little one night flings and stop developing feelings. Guys aren't that way and you can't make us be.. or else I should be able to change the nature of all girls and be able to make them all nice people instead of bitches.. but you know it doesn't work like that.. they have freedom of human rights to be the way how they want, and so do we,

    So deal with it
    • Obviously not every guy is like that anyway so what the fuck is you complaining about?
      Sure most guys jus want sex but there's still a small handful of guys who wants relationship.. mainly the older guys

  • mstbooblover
    Point taken girl. Indeed a very good question concerning a millennia old problem. As a man though, and in any case, I first of all want to know better a partner before engaging into a more serious committed relationship and create a family. It's not a decision one should take lightly, and yes, most guys are at first afraid of engaging, and keep in mind girls are not innocent either...

    Actually, there are many more men wanting what you expect of them, but then in half the countries all over the world, there's the problem and customs of the women's status versus men's status. No problem for guys not being virgin anymore, but why then ask girls to still be virgins before marriage? Guys fucking every available girl is socially accepted, but girls behaving the same way are called whores or sluts and avoided for marriage. It's just unrighteous. And still, all over the world, in every country, whatever the traditions, there are sometimes (?) happy families...

    I don't know how all the involved problems should be dealt with, but being at the same time cautious and open minded may help. I can only advice you to be patient and wish you good luck.
  • Phoenix98
    That's bullshit lots of guys want long-term relationships. I can't even tell you how many guys I've seen who are looking for that.

    The issue is the type of men your trying to get with or your not seeing the ones who can give you what you want or it's just simply on you for not making what you want from the guy known at the start.
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  • MCheetah
    Those men exist EVERYWHERE! The problem is, they're too short, too unattractive, or too broke for you to notice or desire them. You only date Chads and then get upset when they don't want to settle down at age 23. Are you kidding me? What makes you think you "deserve" to be waited on, hand and foot? Just because you have a vagina? What exactly do you bring to the table?

    Like I said though, plenty of men want to commit. Many of them are even saving their virginity until marriage. They just aren't the men you'd deem "acceptable" in your eyes because they aren't Chads.

    You are right, though. Feminism HAS ruined much of dating, for men and women. But women's entitled arrogant attitudes and simp men, have ruined things almost equally as much.
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    • Leah1829

      I don't date anyone taller than 5'10, I give guys that ate like a 6 a chance, and I've dated guys who made less than me. The point is no matter if I get a "Chad" or give someone who I'm not as attracted to a chance, they all want the same thing, sex and that's it.

    • MCheetah

      I'm saying, most of the men who "only want sex" are the super-attractive guys, because they know they can get sex a lot easier than most. And implying you'd date men as "ugly" as a 6, doesn't help your case, either. The most committed guys aren't going to be the super-attractive top 5% you (and most women) only gravitate towards.

    • Leah1829

      That's why I'm saying I try to give guys that I don't find super attractive a chance, but for what I'm the one that ends up getting hurt everytime

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  • lightbulb27
    There are girls finding committed relationships, across the age spectrum.

    Maybe you need to entice them better?

    certainly, a lot of guys have been trashed by the social decay. Finding guys raised with values, in traditional cultures and systems is best bet.
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  • Avicenna
    Well, TBH, something is wrong if a woman your age isn't getting approached by guys, but it's good that you know what you want and that you want a genuine relationship.

    Meeting someone can be very random, and there are lots of guys out there that also want a relationship.
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  • CindyRuns
    I felt the same way before I met my husband and got married.

    I dated plenty of guys who wanted to get me I to bed, but few who wanted a serious relationship that would lead to marriage.

    I know it's frustrating, not, your day too will come. Hopefully sooner and not later.

    Good luck...
  • bgreek

    Here's a bit of a radical idea
    Instead of guys"pump and dump"
    Why not add commitment as a condition?
    When having sex with a guy

    You'll weed out the men that want sex only and no commitment
    I'm surprised women haven't thought of this idea

    I wouldn't have sex with a woman
    Unless it leads to committed relationship
    And no amount of and, if or but or nagging
    Will make me change my mind
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  • slatyb
    They want to be in a committed relationship, just not with you. That’s dating. If you are heartbroken after a month, it’s because your expectations are unrealistic.
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    • malwins

      how can I know if thats the case

    • slatyb

      @malwins You can’t, but it doesn’t matter. I wonder if you are pushing for too much too soon. We frequently see questions on GAG from women asking about men who tell women they are in love after one date.

    • I would love to 💞

  • Leonharted
    I've been married for over a decade. I got married when I was 25. Before that, I got far enough to purchase a ring for someone who wound up admitting they were cheating on me. That was at 21, I believe.
    • Yo bro, I think today women are the biggest cheaters. 15 years of marriage and she cheats, who would have thought. And I hear it all the time here now.

  • Lord_bdog
    I experience this as a guy. Maybe it has to do with neediness/low value behavior. Maybe it has to do with "dating up" and trying to date someone with more perceived status, who probably also has more options.

    For the both of us, I hope we can figure it out and get our 10's. ;)
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  • bamesjond0069
    "I don't understand, why date if you don't want a SO." I can think of numerous reasons. Social connection, sex, love. Its not to break your heart or anything bad to do with you.

    That being said here's your problem, you are either 1. Doing something or something about you is scaring men off. OR 2. You are dating out of your league. Men don't mind dating down for fun but they won't commit. Its strictly fun and nobody better was around at the time.
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  • Medhat-M
    They're quite a minority nowadays because even girls are not into committed relationships anymore... Everyone is glamorizing the hookup culture and other things is now considered too vanilla and mundane
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  • captain_voidwalker
    Nope, but thats because women have no expectation of commitment. Like the old saying goes "she's not your girl, it's just your turn"
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    • Leah1829

      But that's always been my expectation, I think that's a pretty basic expectation

    • I think you misunderstood what I ment. Women are not expected to commit in a relationship only men are.

  • Truthatanycost
    A lot of men like that have simply walked away. I did the same, but have noticed talk of many others. Zero point committing to anyone that has wasted their best years sleeping around and then after a high body count, deciding they want to settle down with a good guy. So what happens is you are often left with the guys that don't care about this because they are only looking for something casual or fun. But they will tell you what you want to hear in order to get what they want.

    Remember the 'empowerment' movement? all of the disregard for the depth of sex? this is the result...

    It's also possible that the guys that want commitment are the ones you find boring or unattractive. In any case, society reaps what was sown, it just takes a very long time and happens quietly.
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  • RealMarek
    Have you tried specifying in your dating profile (if online dating) that you are seeking a committed relationship and that you want to take things slowly sexually? Have you tried men who are a bit older and perhaps more ready to settle down?
  • jasco
    Well free porn, women who don't want anything but sex, men who simply don't have good morals anymore and the internet has made dating a piece of shit. Of course their are people out their who do want relationships, but its difficult to find those
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  • TrillXHippy
    I want a committed long term relationship but it is girls that don’t. As unattractive as I am they are the ones that are interested in me first and for however long they just string me along then they decide that they are no longer interested. There is no such thing as there is someone for everyone
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