Nice guys DO finish last. It's sad, but it's true.

Nice guys DO finish last. It's sad, but it's true.

As a guy, let me tell you something that I've learned. Nice guys, DO finish last. I hate to even say it myself because for so long I wanted to prove that phrase wrong. I USED to fit the description of a nice guy (genuine, charming, funny, respectfull, etc), now I don't even care anymore to be honest. I had many friends that were girls who would always come to me if their boyfriends were mistreating them, and I was ALWAYS there to help, only to see them spit on my face to go out with another douche bag.

There's a reason why I'm still a virgin, not because I'm TOO nice, but because NO girls ever want the nice guy, they ALWAYS go for the bad boys. Nice guys are stepped on left and right, and girls are always complaining why they can never find a nice genuine guy. I've not only seen this with my own eyes, I've LIVED IT.

It PAINS me to see nice girls get hurt by the douche bags I know exist out there, but when I go out of my way to comfort them and let them know everything will be alright, what happens? Go on, take a wild guess. It's like I don't even exist, and they do the exact same thing as before, ignore everything I've told them and go out with another tool. It's gotten to a point where it's so predictible, it's almost a joke. We see memes of this sort of stuff everyday and laugh at them, but here's the thing, there's TRUTH behind it.

If I ever had a girlfriend, she'd be my everything. I'd treat her like a queen (not so much that's it's obsessively weird) but I'd treat her like a lady, because that's how she deserves to be treated. I wouldn't (I don't even do it now) demand for sex and our relationship would be an open sort of friendship. We'd go crazy together, laugh, share memories, you get the point. Now, it doesn't even seem like girls want that. Here's what I see. The girl goes out with this tool, gets hurt, and then the nice guy steps in. The girl does acknowledge the nice guy, I'll give her that, but ONLY if it benefits her, meaning if he isn't any help for her getting another boyfriend, he's basically useless. Then the girl goes out with another tool, thinking she can change him (as in make HIM the nice guy by ridding him of his "bad boy" ways), only to get hurt again. And then the WHOLE cycle starts all over again. Well you know what? I'm sick and tired of being treated like shit. In my eyes, the more AGGRESIVE men seem to get what they want. Is that what I have to become to get a girl? Why should I save myself while she goes out and parties, making poor decisions and basically doing everything us "NICE GUYS" advise not to do. Do we even exist anymore?

I can go on and on about this, but truth is, NICE GUYS FINISH LAST, and guess what, it's NOT OUR FAULT. Open your eyes girls and start treating the REAL men right. Truth is, you already have an idea about what kind of men are nice, you just don't want to go for them because your standards are higher. Am I right? Someone PLEASE prove me wrong about this.

Lets take a little quiz. Who is more likely to be the nice guy? That kid who got straight A's and wasn't mister popular or Joe Stud back in highschool, OR the ACTUAL Joe Stud who drives a Ferrari and has a new girlfriend every week (not to mention his devilishly handsome good looks). I know I keep saying this, but to all you men out there who have seen this themselves: Don't even bother helping her if she keeps coming back with the same old story. She's USING YOU. Even if you think she's hot, guess what, she obviously doesn't have the same feelings towards you, right? Otherwise she'd be dating you instead of going for other douche bags. And to all you women, don't give us that bullshit about "oh where ever can I find a nice, genuine real man?" I know y'all are smarter than that, guess what? Beggars can't be choosers. Us nice men aren't that hard to find, and truth is you already have a guy friend who you already treat like shit. Why not date him? Because he isn't the Prince Charming you expected? Maybe not physically, but you'd be surprised.

I end my rant with this. Both genders can play their part at finding the one. Believe me, us guys are picky too. Truth is not everyone gets the hot girl or has a happily ever ending story. Be grateful with what you have and enjoy it while it lasts. Live each day with a more open mindset. Look for your significant other in places you haven't looked before. That doesn't mean go to late night clubs and hook up with the nearest hot guy/girl you see. Many aspects have clouded are minds of what love is supposed to be, and I'm not trying to point any fingers here....cough....cough....Disney....cough...


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  • I can't evem read stuff aboout this anymore. This is bullshit. You guys, those girls u think are "nice" are all bitches cuz bitches go after douchebags. Would u stop chasing those girls? There are many many girls who are into nicce guys like u. Take me as an example: i was once attracted to a guy because of his personality even tho he wasn't very good looking. He was like the nicest, Nd by 'nice', i mean the nicest guy i've known. So yes. There are girls who want a nice guy. And please stop saying that they do finish last because in my world, they don't!
    You just gotta know how to choose the girl. Don't go for the superficial, full makeup, oh-so-innocent face but evil on the inside kinda girl. I bet a million 'actual' nice girls liked u but u didn't notice them.

    • It is rare for attractive girls like you around your age to like nice guys.

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    • Geez I was just trying to make u feel better. And I meant what I said. And please stop referring to "us girls" bacause we are NOT all the same and it's offensive to me to hear you talk like that about "all" girls. Maybe what u said is true about most girls but I would never be interested in a jerk. I was once attracted by this guy who was really handsome and all but once we started talking I realised he was actually a 'jerk' and I refused him when we asked me out. So no, we don't all go for looks. And I repeat, we are not all the same. Period.

    • I am 100% with u im a nice who got a cold heart at a young age because of society's women today they chase their own tails then wonder why they can't catch it

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  • "it's NOT OUR FAULT."

    And this is where you are completely wrong. It absolutely IS your fault.

    You're like a teen who went to Disneyland for the first time, and you can't wait to ride one of the great rides, but after waiting all day long, you never get to ride anything. Then you blame it on everyone but yourself, never realizing that YOU are at fault, because you never even got in line for the ride! Instead, you stood all day in the observation area waiting for someone to "invite" you or something.

    If you are "waiting", then that means that you aren't doing anything to MAKE IT HAPPEN, and that's YOUR fault.

    Let's say that if you want a girl, you're going to have to ask out 100 girls before you get a "yes" (not far from the truth), and I don't mean simply walk up to a random girl and ask out of the blue, but rather you need to spend at least 10 minutes talking to a given girl, decide she would be attractive enough to at least go on a date with (she doesn't have to be "forever perfect"), and THEN ask her.

    Now, assume those are the rules of the game. A confident guy is gonna knock out 10-20 "asks" a week, at least. It's not going to be too long before he gets a girlfriend, because he'll have gotten to 100 in a couple of months at most.

    A typical "nice guy" may ask out ONE girl every six months (or less). At that rate, it may take you YEARS before you get a girl, and it's no more likely that that girl is going to be the "right" girl than it is for the confident guy who found a girl in 2 months. In fact, his odds are better, because he'll have more experience selecting likely girls, and being in a relationships, than you do, so odds are he'll do a better job picking than you do.

    Finding a good, reasonably attractive, COMPATIBLE girl is going to take EFFORT, and it's going to take EXPERIENCE, and you have no one but yourself to blame if you don't even stand in line for the ride.


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    Why do you think that just being NICE can get you a girlfriend? ANYONE can be nice. Being nice is not some incredible fucking achievement that you should get a medal AND a girlfriend for. 3958734894574843975 other guys are just like you, "nice". What makes you any different from them? What makes you think that you're so goddamn special? What makes you think that you're entitled to a girlfriend just because you're "NICE"? "Nice" is such a goddamn bland word as well. I don't understand why anyone would want to take THIS much pride in being "nice" when it's literally such an overused and boring word to associate yourself with.
    "Nice guys" such as yourself really aren't that nice. You're self-entitled. You're selfish. You're being "nice" just because you think you'll get something for it, not because it actually feels good to be a good person. You're trying to manipulate girls into being with you by pretending to care and by pretending to be "nice", just because you think it'll make them fall at your feet and worship you. And when you don't get what you want? You start whining, throwing yourself pity-parties, you start hating on all the girls out there (most of which haven't actually done anything wrong to deserve that hatred), you become bitter, you start insulting girls for the hell of it, etc etc etc. Do you know how many "nice guys" have approached me, especially online? They start off by trying to have a conversation with me, explaining that they want to be my friend, and that they'd like to get to know me. When I don't reply, or if I'm short with my answers, or if I flat out tell them I don't have the time/I'm not interested, I suddenly become a bitch. And a whore. And suddenly they start threatening to kill me. Yeah, they're super nice.
    See why I'm so tired of this bullshit? You "nice guys" act all high and mighty as if you're amazing just for being "nice"...

    • and then suddenly, after talking to you for a while, it turns out that you're actually the douchebags that you supposedly hate "SO DAMN MUCH!1!1!!"

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    • So thanks for proving my point, basically.

    • I rather be nice guy with backbone than being bad boy. I always use deep scary tone when I'm calm down. I don't let people over me. If they mess with me I will mess them back. I'm from the hood like Steve Harvey said lol

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    • How does this gif or saying "oh my god stop" help? If your intention is to vent, I'd say mission accomplished.

      Other than saying "oh my god stop" and a Judge Judy meme, what else do you have to offer?

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    • @xCutesyLolitax
      Believe me, it doesn't affect me. I was married. I had a woman. But it can affect others. It can push them away from hearing any real advice people have to offer.

      (sorry again, I forgot the "@")

    • @Bluemax because im not doing it. As xCutesyLolitax said, you're too sensitive.

  • First of all mr. Anonymous, you were/are chasing to wrong girls then. Second of all, nice girls do get treated like shit too. Third of all, yes some girls are stupid for chasing the "bad boys" then getting hurt right after.
    I waited for a "nice guy" to came along and guess what? We're happily in a relationship. I'm sure you'll find someone.

  • Most guys who are actually nice don't go around whining about being used just because they did something nice for a girl and got nothing in return, you should be nice to people because it's right not because you expect a relationship or sex from them. If you have to go around saying "I'M SO NICE!!! LOOK AT HOW NICE I AM!!! I'M NIIIICEEE!!!" you are probably not really that nice.
    I have no time for bad boys OR self proclaimed "unlucky nice guys" I find them all obnoxious. My boyfriend is KIND, and no he wasn't popular, his family is kind of poor so he has nothing flashy, and he was the quiet band kid in school, yes I was attracted to him but attraction is what makes people start flirting. If you have a friend who you have a crush on and you don't tell her how the hell is she supposed to know? Girls can't read your mind, and even if she does know she can't force herself to fall for you even if she wanted to it just doesn't work like that. I'm so sick of this immature whining!

  • So... you're a last place finisher? Let me tell you a story...

    Several years ago my martial art group had a particularly bad ass whupping at a regional competition. Our Sensei saw our slumped shoulders, our eyes cast down to the ground, some with a comforting arm around someone's shoulder. He ordered us into a circle and ordered us to stand in the 'ready to strike' position. Once there he told us to look into the eyes of the person standing across from us. We did this for about 30 seconds, many of us began to quietly weep. He then spoke:

    "Everything you do in life is affected by both attitude and perception. There will always be plenty of defeats and encounters of negativity in life to tell you that you are either not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to undertake a challenge or stand in the circle where others thrive as champions. The difference is in your mind. Do you choose to be a champion? Is every choice, every decision, everything you do each day anchored in the belief that you have the guts to choose to think like a champion? To believe that every effort you make leads to a stronger person, a positive thinking person, a person that can encounter pain, criticism, and humiliation and pick themselves up again and say 'none of these things are who I am, they are only steps to a better understanding or another improvement.' If you feel your heart pounding with conviction, your muscles burning against restraint, your lungs bursting as you push into the next level of what you once thought impossible... then you can say, "Here I am, here's where I stand, I'm not going anywhere but up and through. I'm a champion."

    Next year we swept both regionals and nationals in mixed combat and weapons, the two most difficult categories in martial arts because it involves all styles of martial arts.

    Get your ass off the ground, Anonymous. You're better than your rant.

  • It sounds like you've been through a lot... I'm sorry. It sucks to chase someone who won't even look at you.

    However, I do disagree, because I will ONLY date nice guys. I dated one bad boy, and it was terrible.

    There are a lot of reasons girls go after bad boys.

    1) Chick flicks. Humble yourself and watch one. A lot of them are based around "salvation": you're the reason, I can't live without you, I am the man I am because of you. A lot of good girls want to be a man's everything. I personally don't watch chick flicks because I realize I can never be a man's everything. The idea that my love is SO fulfilling that he is totally transformed is ridiculous—hence, I like good boys.

    2) We accept the love we think we deserve. You sound like you want a sweet, modest girl who doesn't know she's pretty, aka, low self-esteem. She might pick guys that treaf her terrible because she can't accept real love. Maybe she's never had it before. Has your friend been abused? It sounds like the "nurture" in you is deliberately chasing girls who want to be abused, because that's what love is to them.

    3) I love nice guys, hate push-overs. I want a guy who is strong enough to tell me no kindly. The strength to resist me means that he can take care of me. Girls don't want everything they ask for—things that are free are never as valuable as something you have to work for. Maybe that's why she takes you for granted, so she'd fall in catagory #1.

    As a good girl who likes good boys, maybe you should go after someone new. A girl that is confident and dignified; someone who knows that she deserves a great guy, but isn't snotty about it. If you ask her if she's pretty, she will say yes. She will expect you to treat her well, and will dump you if you don't. She wants to a prize, not a savior. She won't show a lot of cleavage or wear short shorts, and she won't be easy to find, but she will have a lot of integrity and self-respect, and that radiates.

    • wants to be a prize, not a savior*

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    • The thing is, I don't want to be a man's everything. I want to be the most important thing, but not everything.

      Personally, I want us to have two independent lives that mesh into one -shrugs-. If a guy just orbits around me, I feel like there isn't any substance on his part. I love learning from my boyfriends—I have learned how to play chess, became a runner, know how to shoot a gun (different types of guns), and am learning about car engines this spring. And all of these came from my boyfriend's. I also taught two how to swim, have shared my beliefs, and my current one reads with me.

      The guys that have made me their "everything"... Came off as clingy... Do you think that could be an issue?

      Maybe I'm just odd, but I don't want my guy around all the time. "Distance makes the heart grow fonder". The nice guy I am currently dating, I have told him I need space. And while he's away, I do feel fonder, so when I see him, I enjoy him more.

    • Have you considered asking straight up: what's wrong with me? Why don't you find me appealing?

      Tell her how you feel and to be totally honest. It might take her a minute, and she might not directly say it, but I'm sure she can give you a reason.

  • Problems with "nice guys"
    -they think they're nice when really they're passive, meek, submissive doormats
    -they think all they need to get a girl is niceness. They think they can be ugly, unfit, insecure, have no social skills, etc but as long as they're not assholes, they get the girl
    -they treat girls like princesses who can do no wrong, and that's BORING. I want to date a human not a robot
    -they feel entitled
    -they aren't REALLY and sincerely nice

    • "Truth is not everyone gets the hot girl or has a happily ever ending story."

      I can't stand this. if a Girl said she's chasing the "hot guy" and he doesn't like her even tho she's "nice" she gets told she's shallow.
      Why are you going for looks and not personality. Hypocrite.

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    • @BlueMax I appreciate it and all, but I've tried to get this point across much more nicely before and the reactions are always the same. I just don't care anymore.

    • I do have a stubborn streak, there's no denying it. I don't stop trying. I have lived long enough to discover that their reactions are very often the same, but not always. I suspect it has something to do with being a guy. Alas, people are more apt to listen to the same sex in certain circumstances.

      Any rate, believe it or not I do think you and many who sound off to the many "nice guys" and nice guys have quite a bit of wisdom to impart (improve your appearance, improve your social skills, don't make it out to be the end of the world when rejected, etc.).

      Take the last word if you like. I promise to just listen (unless you ask me a question).

  • If I had a dollar for everytime I heard a guy whine about "nice guys finish last" i would be a freaking billionaire... Don't judge every girl for your few bad experiences.

  • Know what you sound like? "Boo hoo, girls value my friendship but won't have sex with me!"

    You've made it clear that you are NOT a nice guy.

    A nice guy wouldn't be having a pity party.

    • Women and men have pity parties about all types of things. Does that mean they are not nice either? Women complaining about how overweight they are or whatever, etc? You are just making dumb excuses that are not even true.

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    • He already said if u could fucking read that he didn't want the sex or sxtras just the love and a relationship to keep so it isn't about getting fucking pussy its about being noficed for once as somethjng valuable

    • I didn't know friendship didn't mean you can't love someone or value them.

  • I personally like NICE guys, I think they're the sweetest and will treat you witg respect.

  • Nice girls get treated like shit2. I was faithful even when I was on catwalks in Europe in my modelling phase. guys wd avoid me wn I ws a vrgin. lotsa guys only knew me when people screwed em over and then forgot about me to hang with a bunch of fakes only callin me if they needed something. so even tho u a man and I'm a women I really do feel ur pain. all I say is if anyone doesn't appreciate u and treats u like shit for no reason. cute em off! lifes to short to waste ur time with emotional vampires. go out and do more of the things u love. date a few@the same time even go out so tht u don't think about them. cause what I've noticed is that you can think of em cry over them, but then not thinking about u at all they probably having orgasms with some1 else and there u are alone on a Saturday night. bugger tht they'll wna be part of ur life when you're to busy for em and by that time it'll be to late.

  • Have you ever thought that, maybe, girls just aren't attracted to you or they see you as a friend and not someone they want to date? Being a "nice guy" doesn't mean girls should date you--especially if you're just being nice because you want something from her.

  • I call bullshit. "NO girls ever want the nice guy..." Um helloo! I fucking want one and guess what? I found him! It's the same generic, recycled shit I hear over and over.

    We all have standards, but just being "the nice guy" doesn't mean crap. That's just a word that guys use as an EXCUSE. I admit, some girls are dumb asses and fall for that so called "bad boy", including myself, but there are some of us who actually get over that little phase in life and attempt to find a better more respectable guy.

    You are looking in the wrong places and wasting your time picking up another guys leftovers. You will find a girl, probably when you least expect it.

  • Ummm, honey. I don't know how else to say this but umm... you aren't really such a nice guy. You come off as kind of a jerk. You don't deserve girls attention. And honestly, how do you know all these other guys are jerks? what just because they're attractive they're automatically douchebags?
    I'll give you an example. I knew a guy who was rich. And I mean one of the richest kids in the country. And he is LOVELY! He talks to anyone the same. He's interesting and artistic, and yes, he drives a very nice jag. But that doesn't make him a jerk. Similarly, I know another guy who thinks he's got it all going for him, but he's an ass. He has zero regard for anyone else's feelings or opinions. He thinks he's a nice guy but he's not.
    I'll sum it up like this. Would you date yourself? Are you funny? Charming? Intelligent? Do you take pride in your appearance? (that doesn't mean being attractive, that means looking clean and put together) I think you need to take a good hard look at yourself. Because real nice guys don't throw hissy fits on the internet when they don't get their own way.
    Oh and by the way, many aspects have clouded are minds of what love is supposed to be, and I'm not trying to point any fingers here... cough... cough... MARVEL... cough...

    • You have NO up votes at all! You are very young and you might not be able to understand. Younger females like yourself are VERY IMMATURE! With that impediment, young females cannot appreciate the value in life of a genuine nice guy! Please don't sit there and try to pretend YOU are perfect! I've seen a lot of women make incredibly stupid choices in men! I hope YOU don't follow that path!

  • there's this really cool film by Ingmar Bergman called 'the Seventh Seal' its a good film and you should watch it

  • Lololol you're not "nice", you're easy. if you think its all about being nice, you're also clueless.

  • I personally disagree with your opinion. I prefer nice, non-sex driven guys, over a jackass douchebag any day. Nice guys don't ALWAYS finish last. I say they always win for me :)

    • to be honest, all guys the "nice" ones and the "badboys" tend to be sex driven. sad but true.
      the only difference is, the "nice" guys at least have attractive qualities in their personality. whereas bad boys usually have personality disorders.

  • Awww...that picture makes me sad :(

    • Awww it's u again baby. LUV how compassionate u are <333

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    • Lol if u were ma age, I would've propose to u right here, right now 💍

    • You are very sweet!! Whoever you propose to is going to be very very lucky one day!! ☺️

  • It's time to look at the quality of the women you are trying to date. Chances are, they are not the quality of women you really want. I'll bet you think you want a great gal but really you want her to be arm candy to show off to your friends. You want someone who looks great so your friends will make nice comments about how she looks. Well I have news for you. Those are not quality women. Quality women come in all shapes and sizes and they love nice guys.

  • Damn thats deep, but in my opinion nice guys are for a high level in a relationship. What I mean is that as a young girls you just want to... I don't know and you guys are nice and all that. There is a saying-> "who laughs last, laughs best" but here is a question what do you prefer to be with a girl that like bad guys and want to change you as her desire or be the last with a true "Disney" love?

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  • A real good guy doesn’t finish last, guys that are insecure, lack confidence, and do nothing but whine, bitch, moan and complain like a baby about how no women like them are the ones that finish last. The best thing you can do is just focus on yourself, your plans and goals and stop worrying about finding a girlfriend, your desperation will be obvious to any women and it’s not attractive. I am pretty sure you have noticed that the guys that get the women are the ones that don’t really make that big of a deal about it. It’s because that guy is confident, knows how to behave like a challenge and isn’t a pushover. It’s all abut confidence and confidence is what is sexy.

    • THANK YOU !

    • A-fucking-men

    • "bitch, moan and complain like a baby"
      How likely do you think they'll listen to you when you use this language? It seems to me there are at least as many people such as yourself who are whining about people whining about being nice guys.

      By the way, I was married. I did NOT focus exclusively on myself, my plans, and goals. I focused on both myself AND finding a woman. Don't you think it's possible to do both? I did worry about finding a wife. I wouldn't say I made a big deal out of it, but I did make something of a deal out of it. One can be concerned about something without being desperate.

      I'd say the trick is to be conscious of your trying to get with a girl without being desperate about getting with a girl. I wouldn't say it's ALL about confidence, either. If John Merrick (google him if you don't know who he is) were confident, I doubt very much that would improve his situation. Sometimes one must improve his appearance, not just be confident.

  • Well, I'm nice, and alone. So, I can't really completely disagree with this, but I don't resent women either. People just like who they like. If you're lucky, you're something that she likes, otherwise, all of our relationships will always be one-sided, and that's just the way it is. I don't know why that is, my grandfather and his nice buddies got married by 23. So nice guys weren't always undesirable, but that does appear to be the reality today. I'm not going to change, because I don't think I can. I like being nice, or as I prefer to call it, gentle. It's not just a means to an end, but an end of itself. I will probably be alone for the rest of my life and that does scare me, but you can't make someone want you.

    • Boom, it's guys like you that fit my description of nice. Hurts doesn't it? You've seen the stuff I've seen I'm guessing, that's why you agree with me a bit. Do NOT change who you are. If you're like me you're sick and tired of the way things are. And gentle couldn't be more of an acurate description. Why are we called gentlemen?

  • Unfortunately many people are too willing to compromise in life and end up having part of their needs and desires met by someone, but still being hungry for love in other areas.

    Which to me is why the women you are describing still go running to you when their bad boy ends up treating them wrong.

    The truth is this is a cruel, hard world. Women want, and need a man who will protect them. Who has the balls and the guts to do what it takes to keep her, and her children safe.

    It's not misogynistic, it's survival. It's hardwired into the heart of every honest woman.

    But deep down these women also crave genuine love, devotion, and affection. Not many men are bad asses with strong biceps who are in tune with their hearts and willing to love their women like she has saved his life and rescued him from loneliness.

    Usually it's one or the other.

    So she goes to him for comfort and protection, satisfying that need, and then comes to you when her heart desires something... softer and more loving.

    In a way she is having an emotional affair with you.

    Strange, isn't it?

    Unfortunately for her her heart will be forever divided in two. Her bad boy will see that, and know he does not have all of her. Thusly he will not dedicate all of himself to her. (And why should he? She's holding her heart back. It's an unequal equation.)

    She'll feel it and run to you in turn until her heart "feels" (Feels and IS are two very different things) satisfied.

    Really, instead of being mad, you should pity her, because she doesn't have the guts to devote all of who she is to him. Or you for that matter.

    This type of woman will never truly know love, and will always have a fractured heart.

    It's sad, but that's the way it is in this fallen world.

  • If nice guys finish last, how would you account for my father, my brother, and my friends? My dad was a great guy. So is my brother. So are (most of) my friends. And they've been married.

    Now that being said, I believe women go for ATTRACTIVE men. Sometimes attractiveness makes people, men and women alike, put other considerations aside. That's not true of most women I've met, but it has been known to happen.

    One can't just wait for the right girl to fall from the sky. Furthermore, it's good to be a good person, but that alone doesn't make one attractive.

    So what are you doing to get out there and find a girl? What are you doing to make yourself attractive? What are you doing to make your life and yourself interesting?

    • I always questioned that? I believe women back then weren't as stuck up, shallow and picky. Now today forget it. They need a list of things to find the guy even motley attractive.

    • It's difficult to carry on a dialogue with someone with the user name "AllWomenLie." That alone makes he wonder if you're not a troll.

    • How do you expect women to react when they read your username "AllWomenLie?"

  • OP I was once a naiive nice guy. Thought that treating women with respect was the way to go. I then changed and what a stark difference. Quit being a loser, don't treat them like queens, don't hold doors open for them. Focus on yourself and just use them for your own purposes. Being a douche works bruh.

    • Hopefully not in the long run.

    • LoL I was so naive at the age of 17... I've learned so much since then, and I think you should respect my years of experience

  • There is a difference between a nice guy and a white knight. You're a white knight.

    Treat women like you treat your guy friends and this will all be cured.

    Ok, first, you are going after the wrong girls, you think becouse if your the " nice guy " they will go for you over the man that abused them? Look up codependency.
    2nd, your quiz. Ok fine, many girls would go for the macho man with 100,000 million. And what about you? If that hot sexy girl, the one you think of when you touch yourself worth millions wanted you as a boy toy? What would you say?

    Are you playing the nice guy role to get the girl. Look she can cry when you are holding her. When you are touching her. Now you gave her comfort and you want more. You didn't ask for sex, but is that what you wanted as you were holding her?

    OK MAN UP!!!
    Ask any real girl what she wants and you will get many answers. Howerver one thing remains the same. THEY WANT A MAN!!! You said " open frendship " what the hell is that? Sounds to me like you are saying ( please be my GF and you can be with other men, as long as you tell them your my GF first ) and I will not even ask for sex.. They can get that from there " OPEN FRIENDS"

    From what i am feeling from your post. Yes you are a nice guy. Yes you want a girl.( thats normal) but you are not a man yet!! I can not see your age. Is it 14,16, or 20? If you are under 18 you are going through a hard time in life. The answer to your problem is simple. MAN UP!!! Women want a man. It is ok to be a nice guy. Trust me, i am also a "nice guy" but i am a man above that..
    My wife will bully me all the time becouse i get emotional. But she tells me the reason she married me was becouse i have a kind heart. Make no mistake about this. I am the man of the house! And she knows this. She also respects this.. I have gotten mad at her many times, and she will say something like " well just sell my car then, and i will just stay home all the time" very mad wife!!!
    I will semply look her in the eye and tell her NO. You will not be happy that way, AND STOP A CHILD!!

    • Stop acting like a child..
      ( no idea how that happened)

      Realy its all about MAN UP !!
      Do not get me wrong, i am not a tyrant. Hahaha my wife runs the home!! And i have no problem with that. It is her job. I support the home, she runs the home. But when problems come up, and they will. I am the one who makes the decison. Please all you haiters out there do not hate this. If my wife is better equiped to make the decison then that is what we will do. You are a team, please use all the resorces you have to make the best decison. And for all you men out there, give into your wifes wishes 75 percent of the time :-)

    • YES! Precisely!! If only all 'nice guys' would uunderstand this..

  • Dude I used to be the "doormat nice guy", but I woke up. Not in the way douchebags do to use women but in a far more chivalrous way. Being a nice chivilrous guy is an awesome quality but it's not everything, when have you bought a tv or a car with the label " it works!!!" Written on it? What about when it says " High definition 3D flat screen" or " luxury built convertible"? They aren't attracted to "hey I'mma douche" or " I'm a nice guy", they look at things they have, do, or say. It wouldn't kill you to get a gym membership or do sit-ups/push-ups, when you ask a girl out bring roses to the date or take her somewhere exciting, and the hardest but surest thing to do is work on your speech. Not having anything to say or wit behind your words signals your insecure, I could recommend a few books but you have to put it in practice.

    I can't guarantee success at dating models or having girls you date approach you on dirty fantasies ( though I've had the pleasure of both ^~^ ) but I can guarantee you'll drop the "door mat" prefix to mr. Nice guy. All you have to do is put effort in bettering yourself.

    P. s. It seems you been falling victim to rebounds. It's ok to show the lady you care, but be clear that your not gonna be a rebound and that she should tell you when she feels out of that stage.

  • If nice guys finish last then how do account for my father, grandfathers, uncles, cousins ( my cousins who I might add are only a couple years older then me ) and friends?

    The fact of the matter is there's a difference between being a guy who's a pushover and waits around for things to fall on his lap and being a guy who isn't afraid to go after the things he wants in life. And doesn't let anyone or anything walk over him like a doormat.

    Nice guys and girls aren't the problem it's the people who got hurt and are bitter that are the problem. Becusde they can't get over the past and they let it define who they are in the present.

    • "If nice guys finish last then how do account for my father, grandfathers, uncles, cousins ( my cousins who I might add are only a couple years older then me ) and friends?"

      How would you suggest they "get over the past" and not "let it define who they are in the present?" That's pretty smart. One of the smartest things I've read on this take thus far.

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    • Take it as both.

    • Ok well first thank you, and as for my answer, its difficult to say everybody deals with stress, heartache, breakups etc differently and have different coping mechanisms. To try to give one defined answer that would apply to everybody would be quite ignorant of me. The only thing I can say is, it helps to have people around that understand what you are going through and that you can relate to, as it helps to have people around who actually understand what you are going through by experiencing it themselves. Other then that it depends completely upon the individual.

  • >Waiting from a girlfriend

    There is your problem.
    Go out there and get her. Life does not hand you your job, your education, your food, house, clothing, anything. Go out there and get her

    I am still single, but I've been on dates. Nothing came to fruition because I let my own self doubt and loathing and hesitation get in the way.

    I also realized that I was searching for a relationship just to be in one, for publicity, instead of being in one because I truly liked her.

    You can either self loathe, hate and feel sorry, or you can grow a sack and start talking to random women from class, extra curriculars, whatever.

    I'm still single, always have been. Hell my first kiss involved tequila and blackjack.

    I used to whine and bitch about being lonely, but then I stopped caring

    And I've never been better

  • OP the first thing that is wrong with this is you picture that says "waiting for a girlfriend." You know when people say "good things come to those who wait?" Well that is bullshit. Good things don't just come. They don't just happen for you. You have to make good things happen. You have to go out there and get what you want.

    • Exactly, you have to be aggressive, that's what I'm getting at in my post. Nice guys don't get shit. Sure you can have good morals and still be assertive, but the nice guys girls "want" don't exist

  • The main problem with nice guys is that they think 'niceness' is the only thing they need to attract a girl.

    • Also need. money 9'' pecker, BMW, 6'6 in height etc

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    • @Keyspirits lol agreed. They can't have their cake and eat it too.

    • True dat

  • Not true at all, either you definition of nice guy is wrong or you are, either way it's not true.

    Maybe my take could tell you a bit:

    • I'm just telling you what I've experienced, and what I've actually seen. Movies have it all wrong, unless a guy is assertive and aggressive, the woman won't notice him at all (unless he's hot enough or "meets her standards") I consider myself attractive, no I'm not Ryan gosling but one thing I know for a FACT, I'm a nice guy. I can't really say that anymore though after my patience has run thin. The dating world has taught me that it's US that need to meet the standards for a girl, not the other way around. You can't be nice all you want but unless you're assertive and confident in yourself, you'll end up right where you start.

    • I am not saying being assertive and confident don't put you in an advantage, but I am saying nice guy do find girls, I am a nice guy I have had several GF in fact I have never had problems finding a nice girl.

      So it's not the nice part that does the difference, that I can absolutely grantee.

  • Dude I'm slrry to say this but, they don't refuse to go out with you because of being a "nice guy", they refuse to go out with u because they don't find u attractive. If u were attractive, had confidence, and were a "nice guy" trust me they would be head over heels. Its not the fact that u are a "nice guy" that repels them, its your looks. Even if u don't have looks, you can still show some confidence. According to almost all women, they don't find "bad boys" attractive for being "bad boys" they find them attractive for being confident. If a nice guy was confident, then she would have no problem dating him (or at least this is the case for normal girls). But dude u need to face the facts, u can't blame it on your personality when it is obviously your looks/lack of confidence that repels them. So stop whining like a bitch and build up some confidence do that girls actually will go out with u. And remember, u can build confidence without turning into a "bad boy".

  • Nice guys finish last? At least they reach the finish line, there are also some guys who don't even finish.

  • I thought the same until I meet my girlfriend.

  • You r right because when i was a nice guy i never had any girlfriend but now i am bad boy every second girl wants to date with me but i never get any real and good hearted partner every girl i got was demanding and thats why i m single now

    • It sucks doesn't it? I hate the whole system, but I guess Karmas a bitch only to the people who deserve it right?

  • I agree especially with the whole Where are the nice guys part? That makes my blood boil. Some women wear rose colored glasses and think guys who are nice are putting on a show? They also don't seem to realize these jerks they date are doing the same thing but they get away with it, because 1) They good looking and 2) They come off as macho. Now I consider myself nice in person I'm polite, hold doors, say thank you etc and I agree we get walked on like dirt. I'm just surprise we don't see more and more nice guys turning into Nazis lol.

  • You seem like a nice guy but women won't care about your post OP because women only care for themselves. That's why assholes are successful, they don't give a damn about anything and this drives women crazy.

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