Why Saying Nice Guys finish Last is the wrong mortally!

A anonymous user posted a my take a few days ago saying Instead of being nice to people you should play dirty and treat people like dirt. I understand they were hurt having a relationship in ruins, but you can't blame your lack of experience and your rush to get married on the entire female race, It's true not all nice guys get the girl or get friends but you shouldn't tell other to change who they are because it didn't work for you. It's true I haven't always been treated with respect and dignity by people but I didn't change how I treated others and advently I found a group of friends and a girlfriend.

The Moral of the story is Never tell people to change because you might like be a pompous idiot but others might like being nice.

Why Saying Nice Guys finish Last is the wrong mortally!
Why Saying Nice Guys finish Last is the wrong mortally!
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  • SkyLXVIV
    Being Nice to people comes with a price, you almost never receive that kindness back. Or at least never the way you want it.
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    • You got a lot to learn if you believe that.

    • Hunter7754

      He's got a point. The old adage holds true "No good deed goes unpunished"

    • Who got a point me or sky? Granted thier are jerks that won't but most people treat you with respect if you nice to them

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  • justcurious2019
    well said
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  • Stingray444
    Exactly.. Well, why should anyone be Other than nice?

    It makes me upset when people say things like "Nice guys don't win"... Maybe I should just go around slapping people on the face then, figuratively and/or literally to just be considered "bad". Will I get the girls then? 🤦‍♂️
  • Doctor_Strix
    I’m seeing a lot of confusion here. And a popular thought, “Being nice means I get nothing in return”. Here is a thought, “Be kind and respectful to others.” Full stop.. Why is there a belief you should get anything in return? Why expect it? Being nice isn’t a service with an expectation of compensation. Be humble that you have that opportunity to put a smile on somebody’s face. And leave it at that. Otherwise, you’re just as dark as the ones that are douches in the open.
  • JayParris
    The problem is in the semantic definition of "nice". I recognize two distinct types of nice. There's cordial, polite nice, and there's foolish doormat nice.

    You can be cordial, charming, and polite while looking still looking out for yourself and being dominantly assertive. That type of man will almost always get what he wants.

    The foolish doormat type just lets himself get used over and over.
  • Wildmanjohn
    People should treat others the way they want and expect to be treated.
  • kespethdude
    The guy was a scumbag. Pay no attention to his opinions. Hopefully he's in a prison cell with Big Bubba right now.
  • NerdInDenial
    Don't trust anyone; they have the ability to hurt you and often times, they do. You have to take care of yourself. Sometimes, that includes playing dirty.
  • Insomnia72
    I took notice of a crowd of guys on the internet called mgtows (men going their own way) and anti-feminists who spout this kind of immaturity. I got banned constantly on Reddit going there trying to set them straight, to see that the flaw is with their point of view, not women. I gave up. I don't go on Reddit anymore, just a bunch of boys who think women just want money. Everyone wants money, even guys. But money brings entertainment, therefore more expanse to passion, and that is the aim... passion; excitement. Find a way to bypass what money you don't have and enjoy life and entertain others.
    • Ok I'm not sure how this relates to my take

    • Insomnia72

      Sorry. I was just brainstorming, a kind of thunder storm, again. Insomnia. My brain is malfunctioning.

    • Fair enough

  • hellacray
    I have a better idea why don't you just treat people how you want to be treated.

    It's been working for me for a long time.
  • Hawthorn18
    No it's just the truth
  • edwilliams580
    Nice guys do finish last and that is the truth

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