Why doesn't he text me between dates?

I know we've only been on 2, but we have the next one planned... Only problem is he doesn't text or call. It's kind of a turn off since I don't know him that well. Is he playing me or?


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  • in my opinion he is intentionally nor texting u, so you don't get "over exposed" of him and lose interest by "being too available".

    All us guys have been in consistent contact with a girl we were interested in, and she eventually lost interest.

    Us guys can only play by the rules you females set for us through our personal experiences.

    • Do you guys really do that? :o Wow. I just... I have no experience with guys if you can't tell now. Haha. Thanks! And I'm glad it's not that he's lost interest in me.

    • If he set a date...he definitely hasn't lost interest.

      Glad i could help! 8-)

  • He just wants to be mysterious, being a part of the game.
    As known, giving out too much info of himself would just lessen your attraction towards him.
    Another case is he tries to get to know you better before you know him more.

    • Why would he try to get to know me more before I get to know him? That seems weird.

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    • Then I think in this case, he is not used to calling/texting, or it doesn't really matter to him cause he has lots of things to talk to you once he met u. I had a male friend who talked almost 80-90% between us as well, and i felt like ''listening to a girl'' haha it means he's extraverted.
      I thought most of the girls like to talk and wanting guy to listen to them properly? Don't you feel turn-off if your crush talks too much? I'm just curious

    • I'm not sure since I never talked to him before we started dates. Haha.
      I love that he talks all the time! I'm really quiet sometimes. I'm not shy, I just have nothing to say on a topic and small talk is not my specialty. He listens to me when I do actually talk. Haha But I don't like that we don't text because since I don't talk as much as him... I don't think we know eachother very well sometimes. It's like everything is moving too fast because we are strangers...

  • I think it's a guy thing lot guys don't like texting, doesn't mean he loss interest in you
    but my point i think he should contact you and let you know he is alright least let
    you know he cares about you yes that i do agree


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