Is asking a girl to go for a hike on the trail near your house too hardcore for the first date (high school)?

Let's say I am asking a girl out and then I say, "I am going for a hike this weekend on the trail near my house. Wanna come along?" Could that be interpreted the wrong way and cause her to think that I am inviting her for sex (since the nature trail is right near my house, so she may predict that I'll then ask her to stay at my house)?

I think that would be the only viable way to close the date actually. Come back from the hike and then have her stay over my house until she has to go (so her parents pick her up if she's under 16).

I like this date idea but don't exactly know how I would effectively close it.

Also, I can't drive and am not getting my permit until I am 17.5 (next summer). That's not to say that I couldn't date though. If I really wanted to, we could always set up a movie date and then be like, "Alright, meet me there at _____," and she wouldn't have to know my parents are driving me, and even if she did, I wouldn't want to date a girl like that who cares about such mundane things like these. Thing is, I don't want to do a movie for the first date because I feel like it doesn't allow for as much social interaction. Though you could just hang out and sit at a bench outside after the movie and chat... so that could work...

What do you think? Would you prefer the hike on the nature trail near my house or the conventional movie?


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  • Depends on the girl I personally love hiking so it would be very fun and exciting like a mini adventure. But if your not trying to have sex with her and she thinks you are that's kind of her fault in a sense. I think if you don't give off any signs that she would think your trying to have sex your fine. Like don't invite her to your bedroom. If you kiss her after the date keep it short and sweet. Um that's it or you can tell her I'm not trying to have sex with you but then it might be awkward and she probably question what's wrong with herself so yea.


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  • Dude! Are you mad? You DO know that girls love guys like that? And your type is endangered. You'll seem like that extremely handsome gentleman to her. And while hiking you'll get plenty of chances to be chivalrous too. Think about it. Would she rather go on a hundredth movie date or a mysterious and exciting hike through a trail? And just leave sex out for now. Just be playful and helpful. If a girl doesn't like this awesome idea. Fuck her (not literally), she's not your type. Hope this helped :)


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  • I love nature and going on hikes so personally I would prefer the hike!! :)


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  • don't overthink it like that. its perfectly fine if you ask her to go hiking with you, just don't say near my house lol. just say wanna go on a hike?

    • Then tell her to meet me on the street next to the trail? Okay, but let's say we go on a hike and then come back, what do I do then? Invite her to stay at my house until her parents pick her up or something? Would that be viable?

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    • Oh okay. I see.

    • Okay lolol.