My crush sometimes teases me about my height. Is this is a sign of flirting?

I'm short at only 5"0 and my crush sometimes teases me about my height, saying that I'm tiny or small. Not in a mean way though.


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  • Ehm... Teasing someone about their height does not mean anything, honestly. Not to me, at least. It all depends on the person itself. I would never tease someone with it, I know that much. I don't think you should take it as flirting, that would be an unnecessary risk. But, at least you get to talk with your crush... Mine can't even stand my presence because of social anxiety -.-

    So, to answer your question, it's more of a no than a yes. But, it could still be a yes. If you know that he wouldn't do it to anyone else, you can probably assume that it is.


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