Why do most guys (6ft and over) seems to date short women (5'2)?

I have a cousin who's only 5'1 and her husband is 6'6!! What the hell? Most of the NBA players have regular size girls. Shaq O'Neal is 7'1" and his girlfriend is TINY! She is only 5'2. LeBron James is 6'8 and his wife is average but don't know how tall she is exactly. Kobe Bryant is 6'6 and his wife is average height. Us tall ladies want tall men too. I'm a 6'2 young woman and it's unfair for petite and average size ladies to steal all the handsome tall men. I get short guys hitting on me. I asked out this 6'9 guy two months ago and he rejected me and now is going out with a short girl. What a waste of height! Very tall men going out with tiny spinners, petite! I WILL NEVER BE PETITE!!! Ever! It pisses me off when tall men are with short women. Why can't tall guys appreciate a tall girl for once?
Stop whining and give a short guy a chance
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Tall women are intimidating
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Tall women and girls are too picky
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We can date whoever's we want
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Why do most guys (6ft and over) seems to date short women (5'2)?
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