So why would this girl text me randomly after 2 months?

So my friend set me up with this cute girl from his work. She agreed to hangout and she said i was pretty cute. We texted back and forth for a day, and I finally popped the question. She was eager to go out for dinner and what not and I didn't contact her until the last minute. It turns out she had work and we never ended up going out the day that we planned. I told her " That's too bad , ahha" and we never spoke after that.

Fast forward 2 months, and she texts me asking how I'm doing and what I'm up to. She tells me she's busy with work and sports etc, but she has time and would like to hang out this week.

My question is why would she text me out of the blue like this and want to see me again? Could she be lonely or something?


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  • Give her a chance. Some girls, myself included would have expected you to text again after the failed attempt. I would be absolutely head over heals for a guy, but not text him as I will not run after a guy. You must feel special that she still thinks of you.

    • I've kinda been hardened by nature/friends/media to not be 'soft' and texting her back would be a beta or weak move in my eyes, it sounds kinda stupid, but being nice never works in my favor... u know what i mean?

    • It is hard when that feeling is mutual. Somebody needs to give a little.

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  • Who cares?
    We can be indecisive, so can guys.
    Live for today, forget yesterday.
    Contact her.


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  • Yeah, it could that she's lonely or on the rebound. Be cautious when dating her.

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