Is she just shy and quiet? Or uninterested?

i have been chatting with this girl and i can't tell if she is just shy and quiet or if she is just not interested. so should i just honestly ask her about it? if she is interested, could this question bother her? i guess if she is not interested, she couldnt care less...
what do you people think?


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  • I personally would like a guy to just be straight forward, or at the very least drop very obvious hints that shows me he's interested.

    • would you like it even if you are still not sure about him?

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    • thank you

    • thank you:)

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  • You should ask her

    • i did already, she is just shy

  • Give it a try
    U never know
    Worst thing then telling her would be not telling her go for it
    She'll be flattered
    Good luck
    And who is she can u give a guess please

    • thanks for your opinion. but you really think she would be flattered if i said something like 'do you really like talking to me or have just not told me to stop talking to you to be nice?'
      im really having thoughts about this.
      and ill doubt that you know her lol

  • If you still haven't met her in person. Maybe she is just a bit cautious. Some girls are like that. Try knowing her a bit more or better yet have some nice conversation with her in a coffeehouse.

    • i would love to have a nice conversation with her in any nice place. i have not met her in person. she said she would think about meeting me, wich made me thing she wasn't sure about me and also made me think that i should just keep talking to her till she might be more confortable to meet me. but back to my main question, i can't tell if she is just shy or uninterested, because i dont want to push the conversation beeing mostly the only one talking

    • A bit of both but mostly on the shy side

    • thanks for your opinion

  • If you don't know then she's most likely just a shy girl


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