Do YOU think my girlfriend arrogant?

I love my girlfriend, she is a very caring person and we have a fun relationship. Little info about her, she is from quite a wealthy family, pretty popular and career driven. However, normally when we go out, she seems to stare people down, she will never comment about them, but I can see her looking at them in a slightly disliking way. Girls and guys.

Often, even when we're talking with a group of people, and she's talking to someone I notice her hold eye contact for a very long time. She might just be confident?
Sorry one more update, she is definitely not a jealous type of person as she's very very attractive, so I believe it's got nothing to do with looks.


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  • Some wealthy people can have that kinda attitude about others. The thing is it's hard to pinpoint in such situations without being in the conversations since it's very based on body language here.


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  • I don't know if that's a girl thing man, the whole 'staring down others'? It's something with their attitude, I think they're just judgmental. My mom is 60 and she still does that! She will stare the hell out of a lady up and down. We're not fucking rich! But... we were in the long past. She was very rich and gorgeous had tons of guys after her so I guess maybe that's what happens to those type of girls.

    ON THE UPSIDE... it doesn't necessarily mean she's gonna be a terrible girlfriend. My mom is a peoples person. She befriends people so fucking quickly, everyone loves her and thinks she's the nicest. She has TONNNSSS of friends, I don't know how she does it so easily. She's always been here for me, never cheated on my dad and has a huge heart.

  • Maybe she is just making sure they aren't checking you out ;)


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  • dudette... i hate those type of person... and sorry but yeah!! people who stare people down ARE arrogant

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