Is he leading me on or is he just taking things slow?

I met this guy 2 months ago and ever since we've been talking everyday and hangout at least 3 times a week. I'm a virgin and he's been aware of that since the first week we started talking and he knows that I'm looking for a relationship. He pays for everything for me when we go out and is completely understanding that I want to wait to have sex until the time is right. I don't feel pressure from him and he makes me super comfortable. The problem is that him and his girlfriend of 2 years broke up a month prior to us meeting. They broke up because he was moving back to Pennsylvania from North Carolina which is where she lives. I recently had the "what are we" conversation and he told me that he didn't want to put a title on anything yet because of his recent breakup. I ask him what his intentions were and also told him I didn't want us to just become all about sex when we get to that point and he told me it isn't just about sex and if it was, he would've gone out and just hooked-up with someone.
He's also introduced me to most of his family and all of his friends.

My question is, should I stick around with him in hopes that it will turn into a relationship and how long until I have the "what are we" conversation again?
or is getting a relationship out of him hopeless?

As for the sex goes, the furthest we've gone is making out. I asked him what his intentions are and that I didn't want this to turn into just sex when we eventually get to that level and he told me it's not just about sex and if it was, he would've just gone and hooked up with someone else
It seems like it was too soon for him to show interest in me since he just got out of a relationship but we basically met on accident when I was going out with one of his friends for my birthday that I had a secret crush on and he ended up tagging along which pissed me off at the time because I was interested in his friend but we ended up hitting it off and he asked me for my number.
Is he leading me on or is he just taking things slow?
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