My boyfriend cut himself, and it's all my fault. Can someone help.!?

So I had cut myself, and my boyfriend found out... He told me to stop. And I did but then I started again, and I wasn't going to tell him, but I did in case he did find out so that he wouldn't be mad at me. Instead he cut himself and told me that he wanted me to see how he felt when I did it. I don't know what to do can someone please help.!


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  • Just stop, both of you. He seems like a really good guy and you should really do all you can in order to stop cutting yourself.
    Something that could help you is being more with him, make yourself not have time to think about it and not have the opportunity to do it.

    • He is a really good guy and that's why I hate the fact that he went there just to prove a point to me. I hate the fact that I do it but it just helps deal with everything that's going on. And that's y I don't know what to do about him doing it

    • Just stop, he showed you how far he is ready to go for you and I hope you can take that as something to make you stop hurting yourself.

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  • I doubt he's actually going to develop the addiction. Like he said, he just wanted to know how it felt when you did it. I say just explain to him that it's not his job to look after you and what you do is your bushiness unless you want it to be, but please do get help. It's a terribly lonely path to go down and only will get worse. I still have nasty scars on my thighs from when I did and I completely regret it to this day.

    • I'm very sorry about your scars.! And I know it sucks its just after doing it for awhile I'm so use to it that it doesn't really effect me like it used to. And he can be very protective and so i can't really tell him to just stop looking out for me.

  • 1 nothing can actually be your fault because THEY made that decision you didn't make it for him 2 you probably tell him to see a thearipust or something

  • I find cutting a selfish act. And I agree with your boyfriend but that's drastic.

    • I don't see how it's a selfish act.

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    • Well your right... But it seems no matter how much you want to stop there's always that voice in your head telling you to do it.

    • Yes just like an addiction