If a guy asks you to dinner does it mean its a date?

Oyy... a guy friend of mine that I ran into asked if he could take me somewhere like in a friendly way via text. I just agreed but it's like, I'm not interested... I was friendly when I saw him but I was the same way with everyone! I'm just as friendly with everyone...
As the plans are getting closer I'm getting more worried it's a date. Did I agree to a date? I'm just so confused.
I'd like to be his friend and see him again and all that so it's like, how else would I?

Do guys and gals do this all the time? Is this not really that big of a deal if he wants to take me out and I don't want a relationship or anything?

I plan to tell him I'm not interested in dating anyone when we catch up and chat more (which is the truth- not him, not anyone).

This is REALLY stressing me out now. :-(


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  • It really depends, I sometimes like to catch up with lady friends that I haven't seen for a while. Those aren't dates to me.

    • I really really hope that's what this is... I mean, he asked to take me somewhere. I said yeah we should catch up more. He kinda asked right away.

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    • I have no idea if he ever did, we weren't that close but always thought he was nice. I never had feelings, never thought he did either.

    • Ahhh he may have some feelings. Sometimes we're oblivious to these things.

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  • If he specified it was just as friends, then i guess it not a date. No harm in clarifying though.

    • He didn't specify, just playfully asked if he could take me somewhere.

    • then he intends on turning it into some date, nothing wrong with it, as long as you clarify that if the intention is a relationship, ain't gonna happen.

  • I go for meals with female friends all the time, it's not a date.

    • You ask them to in a playful way too?

    • Varies from friend to friend, but usually, yeah.

    • I can totally appreciate the character behind the playfulness but just hoped didn't mistake the intention

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  • Hmm I think you should try to let him know before hand, it might embarrass him on the day of, if he thinks it's a date, and he realizes you assumed otherwise.

    Just be like, I'm glad we're catching up as friends, I miss seeing familiar faces, something like that, that reaffirms the fact that you're friends only.

    If he thinks it's a date--> he'll act awkward.

    Otherwise, he won't think anything of it, he'll just reply back nicely. You'll get your clue

    • Thank you, I will definitely keep saying things that refer to a friend connection and just catching up. I'm so nervous I've mislead him somehow. I wasn't at all before I started questioning why he asked me. Maybe he just did and nothing to do with my personality? I'm shy but felt comfortable with him mostly because I'm not interested romantically. Go figure!

    • For sure, just don't be too explicit, because he might figure out what you're trying to do lol.

      Hmm I think he may be testing the waters here. Kind of seeing how you're going to take it when you actually meet up. If he wanted to ask you out, he'd say so upfront; if he wanted to take you out as a friend, he'd say that a little more clearly too.

      He's kind of just seeing how it'll go, (I think). Yeah I get what you mean, I open up to people I'm not interested in romantically too.

      Just try clueing him in, and see his reaction, it'll give you your answer.

      But don't stress, I think it'll be fine :)

    • Thank you again! I think you're right, now that you mention it it does seem like he's just testing the waters a bit. I worded some things in a way that I think simmered it a bit so now I'm feeling more the friend vibe which is where I'd like it to be just from the get-go. I was really getting nervous I'd be keeping myself tied into a date indefinitely!