What does it mean when he says I have some things to sort out first?

I have dated this guy on and off of the last two years. And our relationship have been a bit of an rollercoaster. Everything was great when we first started, and when I left we talked everyday for 6 months (but we were not like boyfriend and girlfriend thing yet). And when I came back, it started to get quite serious fast. I do live on the other side of the world where he lives, so the distance is very far. Came to a point where he said he just started to feel pressure and said that it's getting too serious, too fast, but he is the one that always wanted to go out for dinner and do things together. He gets mad when just a guy just touches my arm. And I also told him that if he didn't want this, that's totally fine.
And he get's super angry with me about it and , and I'm saying shit to him. Then it goes two months, and he was sharing with his friends that I heard that he misses me. He has this bestfriend that follows him everywhere. She would complain when me and him would look at each other. She would always come wherever he was. She would come just to share the ride with him home. I mean which bestfriends does that? I've never seen anything from him having an interest in her or other girls. But just lead to I went home, and didn't say bye to anybody. Since he took her up on the roof. And on Monday when I talked with him he would ask me where did I go. I talked with her as well, and she didn't even bother to tell me he was looking for me. And since then he has been isolating himself from her and from everyone until I talked with him. But she is trying to get close with my friends which I really do not understand, and it pisses me off that. It just seems she is trying to take the guy that is mine and my friends that are very close to me.

And then by 4 months we-reconnected again. And now he is really different. The only person he dosent talk about is her. And tells me he has some things to sort out.
So what does it mean?
What does it mean when he says I have some things to sort out first?
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