Why do people Multidate and how to win a multidater?

So I am seeing a girl that multidates and she says that she wants to go out as friends with them and get to know them. She has been cheated before by her boyfriend.

I want to know in both perspective specially on a woman's point of view. What really happens if a girl sees multiple people, do they do any physical activities or just get to know them?

I want to know how do you win them?

I helped her, care, and genuine to her to gain trust and be honest on things, like tell her if something is wrong or not being treated that way e. g. Giving you a time limit.

I have met her bro and sis, She wants travel together in 4 months time, if we become close. She says the other's are not a priority as I wanted to end the friendship. Lately she has been bugging me each day. She hates touching but she lets me touch her. I got a silent treatment on hugging her even though she liked it, on a second date and now we are on our 7th date.

So why would she see other people and I am thinking to just let her go?

I have options but I get to know to them. She has my interest as she is not easy to get or maybe wants to know the person better!

I mean physical like sex


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  • I am a "multidater." I am physical with one that sort of is a friends with benefits (we never defined it) that I have been seeing for 4 months. Since I am on a site, it is expected that my dates ate dating, too.


    7 dates, it's time for her to choose or let you go. I lose interest in guys by about date 4 (can't find a spark) but by date 7 I would need to figure out where I am with that guy and make it exclusive or let him go.

    You need to ask her where you stand, that is too long.


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  • I see multiple guys at once and I'm generally physical with all of them.

    ATM I'm seeing 4 guys regularly and about 7 I'm "talking to". Then I go on one time dates here a d there and those usually do NOT get physical as I can't see myself ever liking the guy.

    Currently I want to fall in love but hey if it happens it happens. I'm def not going to focus all my energy on one guy.. particularly when the guy I like the most is annoyingly complicated.


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  • You've gotten to know her well enough. Tell her if she doesn't see you as being worth going exclusive with at this point, you wish her the best, but you're moving on.

  • you gotta date multiple girls too and know that you may find a better girl to commit to than her.

    • Yeah I do, it just puzzles me on what the opposite sex do?

      Like let says do they just get to know them and find which one is better. As a guy, your looking for a GF, let say your dating and she is sleeping with A, B, C, your sharing with someone.

  • They do so to keep their options open. Some people feel don't like to put all their eggs in 1 basket.

  • introverts and shy people like me only concentrate on one girl

    • There is nothing wrong with that. Hey I was a guy who does before but reached a point that I can't do that anymore.

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