I'm in love with my co-worker, who has a boyfriend - but knows we have chemistry and has told me she has feelings for me. What should I do?

So I'm trying to figure out what to do.

The way I see it, if she isn't willing to break up with that guy and date me - its a waste of my heart/time.

The problem is that its a really good job, and I like it a lot - I could even double my salary by the end of the year...

I need help making a decision about what to do. I love this girl, and I'm convinced we could be incredible together... I know we have chemistry and she's totally into me - but she hasn't been into me enough to make that leap.

So, should I stay or go? Is there another option, like ignoring her and dating her friends to drive her crazy - and force her to make a move?

Any help is appreciated.

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  • Wake up dude!
    BF is not hubby
    Dating/shopping around is not marriage/love forever

    She's still shopping around and this begins with "feelings"


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  • Like you said, you could try to drive her crazy. It could work splendidly (I'm chuckling right now thinking about how well it could go lol). If you're looking for help as to how to drive her nuts about you Google is a good friend to go to. Even if she's not into you enough to take that leap you never know, she could be a few arguments/issues away from a break-up with that BF (you never know what goes on behind closed doors right?)

  • Stay at the job, double that salary. Don't date her friends, that's a pointless waste of time because you're not into them. Also, jealously isn't a good way to start off a relationship.

    Honestly? This sounds like a dick move, but if she's not happy with her boyfriend and she's into you... just keep hanging around her and doin' your thing. You might eventually convince her that YOU are who she should be with instead of that unsatisfying dude.

    Just try not to cause too much drama.

  • Dont dooo ittttt, dont shit where you eat.

  • Nah nigga make that bread, sometime you you gotta say fuck it she ain't gonna leave that other nigga. Make that bread when your not lookin the perfect girl will come around.

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