What if he offers you a ride home after the first date?

would you think it´s creepy or nice?
would you accept or decline?
would you think that he expects anything in return?

assuming you made your way to the date by yourself.

also assume you got there by public transportation or anything that would make it convinient for you to take the offer.


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  • It wouldn't make sense if I drove my own car but otherwise it's not creepy at all unless you met online and you don't want him to know where you live.

    • hmm so having met online makes a huge difference when it comes to this?

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • you´re wellcome :)

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  • Depends I would accept if I knew him from before that first date but if it was my first time meeting the guy on that first date I would decline.

    • imagine you would have texted a lot before (like months). would it still be the same

    • So it's your first time meeting In person ya I wouldn't offer her the ride yet.

    • hmm ok i just thought it would be nice if she had to wait for some busses and stuff otherwise.

  • I would not accept. I could go by myself. I would say genuinely thank you. I would assume it was kind to ask , that is all about it.


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