Difference between a hot and a cute girl?

Wjats the difference between a girl who looks hot and a girl who is cute? Which do guys prefer to date?


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  • Hot girls seem to have the right lines on their face and body, but something about sharper lines is just boring and I feel nothing for them. Example, Megax Fox is hot and I do not really care to know her or have much to do with her. It can be sexy but also boring, and hot doesn't make me feel like I want to approach, it's not that inviting as cute. It's a little strange how being sexy/hot can also make someone less appealing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Cute girls are wonderful magical creatures. Like kittens, I want to hug/hold them, pet them, play with them, rub my face on theirs. But I also want to know more about them. Who is that girl? Where is she from? Does she like pizza? I must know. Also, cute can be sexy, easier than hot can be cute. Cute brightens my day, it lights up the world. Unlike hot girls, really cute girls warm my heart just by smiling at me and when combined with their sweet personality it puts me at ease, like all is right with the world.

    Obviously I have a preference.

    Cute as can be:

    Am I making any sense here? I think I could go on.

    • I think I understand you and the majority have said that. But doesn't that girl look like a try hard cute? Lkke that kind of cute makes me want to slap her rn because she's clearly not being natural

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    • thanks for MHO by the way

    • Npp!!!

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    • I have the t-shirt the top one is wearing... but I'd likewise pick the girl on the bottom.

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    • Damit, I was gonna do 2 pics!

    • @Ihav2fart

  • A hot girl is someone that just has an attractive body and maybe face too, but it focuses primarily on body. Personality is not included.

    Cute is an attractive girl, especially her face. In here, personality is also included, but it varies depending on the guy and what he likes.
    For me, a girl with a cute personality is a girl that's girly (but not like a Barbie), she's goofy, doesn't follow trends just because, and is someone kind, caring, and loving.

    I would go for a cute girl ANY DAY. I think the vast majority of guys have a weakness for cute girls.

  • Hot is when a girl is good looking. A guy has no romantic interest in her. She is just good looking
    Cute is when a girl is decent/good looking. More importantly cute is when a guy tends to like a girl more.
    Other definitions:
    Hot: Good looking/slut
    Cute: Nice, Sweet Kind, Decent looking
    It all depends on the guy….

  • Hot girl (photoshoped)

    Hot (not photoshoped)
    Would be:

    She is smoken.

    Cute girl would be:

    Just a casual girl a guy would like to date or just finds appealing or attractive. You know? There is no def of hot. Usually when people call a girl hot, they don't mean it or day it cause they don't care or say it cause he doesn't care but wants da banging you know? When a guy calls a girl cute he really means it. Like for example, I find this random girl:
    not hot but cute cause if I'd meet her in real life I wouldn't want sex with her but to know her more in real life.

  • Hot= provocative/naughty vibe
    Cute=innocent/sweet vibe
    Beautiful=balance between cute and hot

    • i havnt met a person who was cute and beautiful at the same time.
      hot and beautiful, yes.
      weird, huh?

    • @demonology

      Well i think there's two aspects that determine which of the three looks someone might fall into.
      1. Is their physical looks/bone structure and body type.

      2. Their image/style/ what they are wearing

      So a person who has the cute bone structure/body type will have a harder time pulling off hot since they are on the complete opposite. For someone cute to pull off hot theyd have to be wearing something sexy.

      Since their natural look is more balanced, someone whos physical looks fall into the beautiful category can pull off hot fairly easily with makeup without having to put in as much effort into changing their style.

      People who have that natural hot/sexy look probably won't be able to pull off cute though. It's easier to go from cute to sexy than it is from sexy to cute.

      Not sure if I'm making sense :/

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    • Too much sex appeal for me.

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    • Eh , I suppose but the girl below looks like she has an acidic snatch and will melt your penis... and then your wallet...

    • Lol, maybe. Regardless of whether her personality is shit and her legs are as open as a 7/11, she's still got a banging bod.

  • Not much in my opinion really. I think they're both hot. To get technical with you I will have to say that hot is when they have looks like a model and when they're cute they tend to look more wholesome and girl next doorish.

  • I'd prefer to date the one that likes me

  • Hot girls are for short term relationship
    Cute girls are for long term relationship

  • Hot girls tend to do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd, at least in my experience. Also in my experience, cute girls tend to be oblivious about why they're attractive.


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  • A "cute" girl typically looks more innocent and youthful, like Zooey Deschanel:


    A "hot" girl typically looks more mischievous and womanly, like Megan Fox:


    • Megan Fox is hot, yet I don't care for that at all. Somehow hot just looks boring and empty. Cute is way more attractive. For some reason all the Transformers movies had "hot" girls that I felt took away from the experience.

  • A hot girl understands the layers of sex appeal. A cute girl has a pretty face but doesn’t take it to the next level.
    The ideal is to be both and know precisely how and when to turn one, the other, or both on. Guys will go crazy for you, trust me ; )

  • To me, hot usually has the body and face. Guys often see them as a sex symbol and sometimes even wife material. Cute is usually something that girls get called when they dont have all the body features. Cute could also mean that they just see you as a sister. Then again, guys who have a lot of respect for women also may call someone cute since it doesn't sound as inappropriate as Hot/Sexy

  • think hot = sharp ; cute = round
    this is hot =
    this is cute =
    this is hot (like 100% incredibly hot oh my god) =
    this is mildly cute =

    • i didn't have a "cute" youtuber in mind, so im just judging based on how she looks and the first 20 seconds of the video. upon further inspection, as soon as she said " *sarcasm* haha go die in a ditch" i knew. ImaginAisha is not a good example at all.

      But i am absolutely certain about JessGreenberg1
      fucking incredible.

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    • Girl , if you think Asian girls are "cute" , you haven't seen the BEAST

    • no, im not pointing to a race, i used one example of the roundest face i could find.

  • Hot = looks only

    Cute = looks and personality

  • Cute = me

    Hot = someone with sex appeal

    • Pssh no... you're that rare mix of both.

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    • You're cute and you know it :3

    • I don't know about him, I thought that was just me. Maybe it's an Asian thing?

  • I am cute. Lol, I've unfortunately been labled things such as, "baby face" "cute" (obviously), "adorable". It's tragic. Lol. I just feel like it's so immature to be, "cute".

  • Cute is something that reminds people of youth like children, puppies
    Hot is something that's stimulating and mature and intriguing

  • Hot- you can carry yourself like a woman, physically beautiful, and smart.

    Cute-you're still in training for all those. 😂

    Just my opinion.

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