Do feelings or a "crush" fade for a person if you never got in a relationship with them?

How about if you get into a relationship with someone else?

  • Yes, they fade either way
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  • No, they remain if you're not in a relationship with someone else
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  • No, they remain even if you are in a relationship with someone else
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  • No, they remain regardless
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  • Sometimes
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  • It remains but you hide that feeling.


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What Guys Said 3

  • We are animals at heart, behind all our intelligence, and we are driven by chemical reactions. That's why when you are 'in the moment' you can be so swept up in wanting the other person that you do crazy things to have them, yet once that urge has been taken care of the drive to have them is gone more or less.

    Time together grows feelings for each other, time apart lessens them.

  • I think they stay for some people, for instance, me. I moved on from a girl I crushed on and I see her often because we go to the same university, however whenever I see her or if something that reminds me about her is mentioned, I subconsciously feel it in my emotions. I think it has to do with linking your emotions and feelings to someone in the past and that stays etched in the back of your memories.

  • I still remember all of the girls I've ever had a crush on. It doesn't affect me negatively though; it just makes me realize that I really like women and that there are so many options.


What Girls Said 2

  • Crushes tend to fade away over time or at least it gets easier to move on from then as there's nothing "attaching" you to them as you weren't formally with them before and weren't romantically linked. It's mostly infatuation and fantasies involved with crushes.

    When you enter a relationship your current partner should have been your crush. Not another guy/girl. Then there's something seriously wrong with the relationship if you are still crushing on other people. Then you can't be that in love with your bf/gf.

  • My mind is annoying about it. It trucks me into thinking the feelings have passed, but they definitely haven't :( I discovered this when a presumed "ex-crush" asked me out, and I couldn't stop shaking!