What does it mean when someone says "it feels like its been forever"?

I'm casually seeing this guy and we don't get to see each other all that often, usually like once a week. Well this past week he went on a trip with friends out of town and even though I wanted to talk to him I decided to give him some space so he could enjoy being with his friends. Well he ended up talking to me almost every day anyway. Well he came back on Tuesday and I went and saw him yesterday. Not going to lie I was missing him so when I saw him we embraced and it felt great. Then while we were hugging he says, "I feel like its been forever," then we kissed. Was he saying that he missed me? Although there are times where I think he does miss me, because we are so casual he hasn't actually said that he does and neither have I. It felt really good to see him, and this was the first time he has been so far away. I feel like it brought us closer. What do you guys think? We have gone a couple weeks without seeing eachother before this trip, but for some reason him being so far away made me miss him a lot more. Do you think he missed me as well?

Any other opinions?


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  • It would definitely feels like FOREVER, if I was interested in someone and talking almost daily, then only to stop seeing each other for a few weeks. That saying ABSENCE make the heart grows fonder does indeed apply in your situation.


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  • Yes he missed you.


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