Do I have a crush or am I just lonely?

So. Been talking to someone non stop for a month. Got really close. Now he's pissed off and isn't talking. We made it clear a week or so ago that there's nothing there, but a day without speaking to him is making me think differently... What are the signs that you have a crush? I'm not sure how to separate feeling lonely with having a crush.


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  • "but a day without speaking to him is making me think differently"<---- HUGE crush basically!


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  • Ask yourself what your initial motives for getting to know him. Think of every reason why you got to know them. Think about how you feel when your are with them, your memories together and your conversations. Then give yourself some space, if you start to miss specific thing then you probably do like them but if you can't recall anything in particular that you're missing then you just miss the gap they filled.
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