Why does he always talk to me in person, but never texts me?

This guy that I started liking talks to me a lot, and when we talk he always looks at me in the eyes. We talk a lot in person. But whenever I text him he either won't text back or gives me short answers. I'm not sure if he likes me. But he's always talking to me. I don't get why he won't text me then... does he not want to be talking to me?


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  • this is a tricky question because the most logical answer would be that some people just aren't big texters... but I'd be lying if I said that this wouldn't concern me too, because it just seems exting is pretty much the norm today. but even so, it's always a possibility that it's just not his thing to text. he could be a really busy guy, and maybe he just doesn't like how impersonal text messaging is. it would be wise to make judgments on how he feels about you off of your real life interactions. I would guess that he is interested based off of that. good luck:)

    • True, I don't see him texting that often either. Guys are just really confusing to read, and I wish he would just tell me he liked me or not.. haha

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  • This is a confusing situation. I am currently in this situation too. But I agree, talking to someone in person is different than texting someone. I personally would like to talk to someone in person than over text. Therefore, I normally give short answers or don't answer at all if I feel that there doesn't need to be an answer. I also generally don't answer texts if I know I'm going to be seeing that person sometime soon. However, I cannot speak for all of the guys out there. And from my own experience, it's always best to ask the person the question directly and in person if you are wanting a direct answer. There's a quote I read somewhere that said, "If you don't ask, the answer will always be 'No.'" So if you are not sure if this person is into you, ask. It's better to know now than having to find out ten years from now. Time is to short to wait on one person (in my opinion, that is). Good luck.


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  • this IS a difficult one.

    I am a HUGE texting fan. But the current guy I'm dating (nearly 6 months) is NOT a texter.

    He's slow at it. Always texted me short answers like, "K" -- which I hate the most...

    or "yeah".

    He used to call me if I texted him. I realized that it just wasn't his thing. So now I rarely text him.

    And I know he likes me...he just doesn't text me.

    So maybe you can ask if he likes texting or not.

    But, if you see him texting all the time though, then, this advice is so cliche, but I believe true:

    "Maybe he's just not that into you..."

    Hope that helps dear!

  • Happened to me too the guy may just like you as a friend or has you on the back burner or has a girlfriend