Why are there girls that's never been courted?

why a guy won't court a girl he likes even though they're pretty must they both like one another?


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    • read it. I understand what you mean but I think that there are girls who dont know how relationship starts. I mean we all grew up in different ways. we all have different views in life. there are those who blend well with the society and those who dont know how society works. There are those who aren't aware what dating is, what relationship is. They will be stunned when someone will confess to them and be like, "why does he like me?" "how should I respond?" "Is he serious?" "what is the right choice?"

      Besides how will there be a relation if there is no courting? you can't just be together when you had an eye to eye contact. you smile and be like "it's us?" how can there be a relation when no one initiates?

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    • Thanks. It's my first time here. It truly feels great to know others opinion. ^_^

    • Another Philippines GAGirls YAY (-_^#) I haven't seen an ugly 1 yet ^_^

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  • Because there are guys, such as myself, who don't even know how to court. maaan :(

    • But I think when you meet a girl that you really want to be with, you will definitely have the courage to court her besides you don't need to know how, just show her you like her and appreciate her for who she is ^_^

    • Hahahaha court already!

  • There are many guys who haven't been courted either. In fact most have not been courted.

    • that's true ;( maybe it's because most girls want to be courted.

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    • I hope it goes well for you. Time will tell. ^_^

  • because there r guys that never been courted as well basically

  • What's courted mean


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