Do shy girls chase or like to be chased?

Weird shy girl I like plays hard to get (I think) and seems to want my attention. She puts herself around me so we can talk, but I'm the first to talk. She's made me jealous with my buddy and I've ignored her because of it, but it seems like she's chasing him now. Like she's thirsty for his attwntion. What is this? I thought shy girls wanted to be chased not chase?



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  • I think a shy girl would rather be chased.

  • One thing girls-shy or not-tend to do, not all but most, is use jealousy. You said that you ignore her messing with your buddy, but that's clearly not what she wants. She wants you to acknowledge it, become mad, have some type of reaction. So yes, she may come off as thirsty, but usually you can tell if a girl is really into a guy or just being a flirt. If she really is playing hard to get, most chances are that she is into you and wants this to push you to make a move.

    • That's what I was thinking too but what she was doing was leaving right after my buddy like every afternoon out to the parking lot. I didn't know bc I was leaving at a different time. My buddy brought it up and told me about it at lunch and said it was creeping him out actually. ?

    • I'm also in a situation like this... Would the fact that you ignore her trying to make jealous... Could that turn her off?

    • I think there's a very strong chance that ignoring her flirting with him gave her the message that you weren't interested. She may have began to like your friend in that time, so her attention could have diverted to him, and no longer you. Honestly, it seems like a bunch of miscommunication here. Not knowing that you like her could have turned her off just as much as ignoring her attempts to make you jealous.

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  • I would love to see women chase guys even though at first he didn't find her attractive, sill in time he started to find her attractive then the rest is history.

  • Only a very few girls want to chase guys, and none of them can be shy girls.

    • Really? That's what I was thinking