Had an Appointment with a girl today and she never showed up or responded?

So i had this appoinment with this girl that goes to my college, who i think she likes me bc that what i've been hearing by my friends... and she never showed up or responded... did she do that on purpose? or maybe something happen? and by the way it's not a DATE...


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  • Did you try texting her saying "hey where are you at?"

    • i told her to fuck off and i stopped talking to her... that's better

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    • U mean " many fishes in the pond" the girls population is increasing like crazy. So there is more girls then guys.

    • sure ahaha

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  • She wasn't that interested in going and a lot of girls just don't feel like they have to do something just because they gave their word. There word means very little but, on the flip side, they usually don't mind your word meaning very little either. More girls will flake on you and the choice is yours in terms of how to respond but just know we all get flaked on unless they were really interested or are just uncommonly good at keeping their word.

    • She's the one that needed help not me haha... but what a way to waste my time... i skipped going to the gym bc of her hahah. gym is my home !!

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    • there's a lot of debate on that. my personal preference is to not ignore and act unfazed by it. I like the idea of muscling through and going further than other guys would because I believe it will lead to me getting girls who have more going on in terms of various things.

      other guys would say drop her.

      and other guys would say ignore her for a while and flake her back.

    • Ahhh. Thanks Mate.. appreciate ur opnions

  • You'll easily forget her existence.


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