What are your biggest NON-SEXUAL turn ons & turn offs about the opposite sex? What are your personal must haves, bonuses, and dealbreakers?

For example, a guy might say his potential mate MUST be hygenic, it would be a BONUS if she likes playing video games, and it would be a DEALBREAKER if she never wants kids.

List as many as you wish, and guys can feel free to use some of my examples in addition to your other qualities if those are things you feel strongly about.


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  • Turn-Ons:

    - a good sense of humor
    - not easily offended
    - not clingy or needy, but appreciates our time together
    - intelligence (doesn't have to be extreme, but not vapid or dumb)
    - has a circle of friends and a life besides just me
    - good family


    - Smoker/Drug User/Heavy Drinker
    - Depressed or emotionally unstable
    - Has a lot of debt
    - Comes from a messed up family (this can be gotten past with the right girl)
    - Needy/clingy or completely apathetic (extremes always tend to be bad)
    - Lacks integrity or respect for others.


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  • Turn-ons: a feminine lady, she takes care of herself and pays attention to her appearance, intelligence, good sense of humor, likes to hold hands, is not high maintenance

    Turn-offs: lack of hygiene, bad teeth, acne/acne scars, tomboys, unable to dress up and handle sophisticated situations

    Deal breakers: she smokes, isn't a Christian, crude/vulgar behavior

  • Biggest non-sexual turn on
    I think it's cute when a girl folds
    her hands in front of her when she's
    just standing around , i like black finger nail polish
    I like girls who eat lot when if i take her on date
    I like girls who write little poems and give them to me.

    Biggest non-sexual turn off

    A girl who lies about being pregnant
    or had abortion to another guy just to
    make me jealous

    A girl with a sarcastic personality

    A girl who would spend more time with
    her male friends than with her boyfriend
    has no time for a boyfriend while he sits
    at home waiting for her to text or call him

  • Must have: dominance, assertiveness. Intelligence.
    Bonus: likes videogames, is tall.
    Dealbreaker: being old-fashioned, expecting the guy to always take the initiative, either in dating or in the relationship. Being overtly religious.

  • dealbreaker: smoking, having kids

    must have: empathy, kindness, nice face

    bonus: nice body

  • Turn on : Kind , likes cats and dogs , have nice hair , have a sense of humor, have a sarcastic personality and when she plays with her hair
    Turn offs : cocky and over emotional

  • Aren't all turn on's sexual though

  • I like it when a woman crosses her legs.

  • Turn off: smoking, bad hygiëne, acting like a male

    Turn on: great personality, kindness, friendlyness, forgiving

  • Drug use.

    Being a single mother.

    Not being over her ex boyfriend and always complaining about him even though the relationship ended a while ago.

  • Must be Kind
    Bonus if she plays video games
    Deal Breaker doesn't like kids or animals

  • To me, to turn someone on... is to make them horny... which is sexual.. so this question makes no sense.

    • You can be turned on/interested in someone by things that aren't sexual. Even so, there are things that can turn you on sexually that aren't sexual... like a girl who smells good or wears high heels, for example.

    • That's just bullshit, but whatever.

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  • Turn ons: if his jawline is more structured than my life. If he has a dream and his only wish is to achieve it.
    INTELLIGENCE. If he's ambitious, and wants to make his parents proud. If he cares about his family and if they always come first, then it's pretty impressive to me ;).
    If he's a basket ball player or plays an instrument.
    Turn offs: if he quit school. If he doesn't care about his career. If he didn't go to uni. If he doesn't have a job. Practically, if he's uneducated :D
    Also, if he's a football player (I hate footbal). If he swears a lot and is vulgar. If iI saw him spit on the ground (in public), it's a total turn off. If he talks verry loudly in public, or hets violent în almost any situation. He'll juust have to be able to control his temper.
    And so on...

  • Must: Be hygienic, have a good sense of humor, be kind and polite, be educated, have goals that they work hard to achieve, be understanding, know when to be mature and when to let loose, be a good son, brother (unless he's an only child) and friend, be proud to call me his girlfriend, he needs to be like a best friend as well as a boyfriend.

    Bonus: He plays video games, plays board games like monopoly, wears snapbacks, can cook, doesn't drink alcohol (I know that's a lot to ask for so that's why no alcohol is a bonus not a deal breaker) give me piggyback rides and would push me on the swing, be random

    Deal breaker: being arrogant, feeling self-intitled, being pretentious, violent/no control over their temper, and being disrespectful to anyone, doesn't respect my values and opinions (you don't have to agree just respect them)

  • Turn on : when a guy eats salad.. takes a lot of them and shoves it in his mouth. I find it cute.

    Turn off: profanity

    Must have: Respect for himself and others and morals.

    Bonus: speaks more than two languages fluently.

    Dealbreaker : smokes/ drinks and I'll manners.

  • Must : Be hygienic, ambitious/have goals that he will work hard to achieve, be understanding, know when to be mature and when to let loose

    Bonus : Pay attention to the little details, have a good sense of humor, plays video games or board games, loves kids

    Dealbreaker : No control over his temper, arrogance, doesn't respect anyone, never wants kids

  • Turn on - masculinity
    Must have- humor
    Dealbreaker- eats like a pig

  • Turn on: pays attention to detail; dresses well; able to initiate and hold an intelligent conversation; opens doors for me; has career ambition;

    Turn-offs: arrogance; lazy; excessive video gamer; shorter than me; lack of pride in appearance

  • Being able and willing to give me a piggyback.

  • Turn on: Intelligence, calmness, loyalty.

    Turn off: Arrogance, over confidence, poor hygiene.

  • Biggest non-sexual turns ons:
    A specific type of intelligence, interest in politics, government, psychology, sociology (social sciences basically) or philosophy
    very strong liberal values
    emotional maturity
    compatible sense of humor/ very funny
    atheist or at least agnostic or non-religious
    vegetarian or vegan
    Likes to have long, in-depth discussions on complex topics
    Likes to talk in general
    Love for or interest in traveling
    Speaks different languages
    Affectionate and warm
    In touch with his emotions
    Guys outside of my race
    Tall guys
    Curvy girls

    Turn offs/deal breakers:
    strong religious values (aside from maybe buddhism, and even then it could be a turn off)
    Bad hygiene, including oral hygiene/bad teeth
    No ambition or impressive plans for the future
    Simple-minded, not very intelligent and/or not interested in whats happening in the world or education
    Doesn't like long discussions or talking in general
    Possessive, controlling, doesn't have a life of his/her own
    Emotionally detached in a very stereotypical way for men

    The list goes on. There are tons of non-sexual things I do and don't like.