Anyone a non-smoker dating a person who 'vapes'?

My girlfriend and I have been together about four months now. She smoked for 2 years, but stopped about a year ago. Recently she has been hanging out wiht a new group, and when they go out they offer her cigerettes and she smokes more. To combat this, she started using her old vaperisor she used to quit initially. HOWEVER, it has turned into her basically being a smoker again. She now smokes on her own (occasionally).

I really hate smoking, and I would never want to impose that on her, but clearly Iw ould rather not break up over this... I also really hate the behavoir of 'I need a puff', she has even done it a few times at my place where mostly hang out, even though she knows I hate it and have requested her not to smoke in my presence or when she knows she will be seeing me, whcih she has had no problem with lately. I make her go out back and don't kiss her until she brushes her teeth. she says it is all just in my head, but even when I didn't know she is vaping, I could still tell.

My question is, can you taste it when you kiss them? or does it smell? Or is this all in my head and I need to get over it, either way my personal views of smoking are extremely negative so this is a deal breaker for me... hence my predicament of not wanting to impose myself on her (I am fairly sure she would def stop to stay together), but not want to breka up.


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  • It sounds like you have not made your position known, be strong and know that its not in your head! Vapes are great and way healthier! As a passive/aggressive person I would prolly push the vape, and focus on hating cigarettes myself, but its really up to your comfort and standards that you set as a man. Strength on issues that truly matter, will be respected and appreciated by anyone worth your time. just as compromise based on fact will be appreciated by your s. o. in the long run.

    • Ya I am more passive/aggressive I think. She knows I hate smoking as I no longer go out with her when she is with this new group because they all smoke and I know she will too. Ya, the vaping is still new, so I am figuring out how I feel about it over all.

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    • I am not so sure they push her to smoke, so much as they all smoke so she doesn't want to be left out, plus old habits. Interesting, she used to be a pot head as well. I have nothing against recreational weed, but she was the type to just smoke weed all weekend with an ex, which is where both habits started and ended (for the most part)

    • I feel you, honestly check out the mods and perhaps get one of the better ones as a positive reinforcement for your point.

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  • Its not in your head you can taste&smell it.

  • i think it depends what flavor and how strong the nicotine is.
    i use 6mg and 12mg, either gummy bear flavor or a starburst flavor and my boyfriend says he can't taste or smell it at all. only when i blow the stuff out of my mouth

    • Wow, I really know nothing about vaping lol None of that makes sense haha

    • haha there's different levels of nicotine, 0mg to 24mg i believe. i'm sure the actually tobacco flavor leaves an awful taste in your mouth but i've never tried it. the fruity ones don't though, that i do know for sure.

    • I am pretty sure she keeps it very low as she does not want to start smoking again having learned how much better her life was after quitting the first time. I was actually happy she made the choice to vape, knowing she would cave tot he peer pressure with this new group, but it has become a bother as now she feels urges to take puffs alone... So I guess some nicotine.

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  • non-smoker here... and i'd date a gal who vapes... and no it's smellless i believe

  • It's just a question of whether or not you can put up with the bad habit, put the judgment on smoking aside and make the decision. A girl I was seeing vaped fruit flavors, I didn't mind the taste of that.

    • This makes sense actually, I think in the end, even if it was tasteless and smell less to me, I would still hate the fact she is choosing to do this bad habit, especially after she knows how much better her life was after she quit, a lot of this I think stems from her giving in to peer pressure as well. Plus, I hate that she 'has' to go puff, even if just once while we are hanging out, I couldn't imagine doing something that made me that way.

    • It might seem like a minor thing to fall out over, but I don't think it is all that minor really, it's a lifestyle choice and indicator of attitude. You should probably explain how you feel about it in a really matter of fact way and see how she takes it.

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