I really like him.. but he's giving me the cold shoulder? :( :(

Hi, all yesterday me and this guy who I've been texting for a month ever since we kissed at a party text all day, as usually we had a good chat and he saw me and we seemed fine.

After so long I was playing around with him and I said:

"God you're hard work". he said "Ha ha, I am a challenge, do you like a challenge?"

I said "Yes I don't mind as long as it's not impossible, like you"

And then he said he wasn't and then he started been off with me and he didn't reply back after the second text back.

Today he hardly spoke to me, I had to say hi first which is unusual usually he's the one been all chatty. He looked so down so I text him asking him what was up and he replied 30 minutes later (he usually replies a lot faster because he hates psychology) and he said 'nothings wrong just hate psychology"

Has he gone off me over the space of a few hours last night?

I don't get it.. I didn't text him back after that I don't want to look like I'm chasing him!


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  • well that ain't much to work with. I mean I know a girl that kinda says the same things. ( she's a challenge and all that.) I still talk to her after 3 years and flirt with her now and then. But now where kinda just friends who like to flirt alot.

    So maybe he just likes to flirt. And you said you texted for a month after a kiss. You never kissed after that? cause that kinda feels like he's just a flirter.

    But id say. Text him saying something like.

    Listen. I like a challenge. But it helps if you can actually see the trophy.

    (maybe its a bit geeky. But its another way of saying. Show me you care and that I'm not trying to catch a unicorn.)


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  • what end up going on?

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