I'm scared of my boyfriend trying to take things further?

I've been dating my boyfriend for just over a year now and I don't want to have sex, I'm young and I'm just not ready. I'm afraid my boyfriend might not be on the same page. The only thing I've let him do was touch my breasts under my shirt, which even that makes me uncomfortable. Now that school is out and we have more time to spend together I'm honestly making myself more nervous to hang out together because I don't want to go further than what I'm comfortable with but I'm also really scared of voicing my opinion and him not being okay with it.
What should I do? Should I leave things as they are and if he tries to do something stop him or should I tell him before he tries to do something that I don't want to?


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  • One thing to be sure of is to NOT do something just because you feel pressured into doing it.
    You only lose your virginity once, make sure you're ready and that the guy fully respects you and your wishes and will go gentle with you and cares about YOUR comfort first because it's you whose going to be going through pain.
    Next time he does something your not comfortable with just grab his hand and move it to where you want it.
    If he gets frustrated just tell him you're not ready for that yet
    If he doesn't understand don't just change your feelings so HE feels good. He should be the one doing that for you.
    If it keeps becoming a problem tell him that you'll break up with him if he keeps pressuring you to do things you don't want to do
    If he still doesn't stop then just break up with him. I'm assuming you're still in high school. There are plenty more guys that will come into your life, the right one will respect your feelings and will want YOU to be comfortable and sure. :)


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  • You should talk to him and let him know about it


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  • Id talk to him now.
    Make it clear how you feel and what you want.

    He's your boyfriend, you shouldn't feel. uncomfortable with him.
    Don't let him push you more than you want. You don't have to deal with that. You have rights.

  • I'm the exact same way with my boyfriend. You have to tell him, and if he truly loves you then he'll understand and wait, otherwise he wasn't good for you. It's hard, but you have to try and let him know, before he does try anything. You could still hang out, just ask to go to places where there are a lot of people and not a lot of spaces you could be alone together or alone long enough to do anything.

    • Thanks! That's what I've been trying to do, only making dates at public places haha