What does this girl mean when she says she misses me?

Obviously I know she misses me, but in what context? For some backstory, this girl and I really liked one another and went on some dates and hung out a lot (we go to the same college). One day she comes and tells me she has other problems she wants to work through and doesn't want to drag me through them, so for now we should just be friends. The way she said it though made me think she wasn't just trying to lead me on and that she actually likes me. After that we remained fairly close, but talked a little less than before. So I see this girl both as a friend and something more than a friend, and I think she may views me the same way. A few days ago she texts me saying she misses me (its summer break), but its kind of flirty (lots of smiley faces and all that). I get that she wanted to text me, but why add that she misses me when she could just say hi? I'm probably overthinking this and she's just being friendly. That being said though, I'll be by where she lives in a few weeks and I'll go hang out with her anyways regardless becasue she is a good friend.

What do you all think, was she just being friendly?
What does this girl mean when she says she misses me?
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