How to kiss a guy whose never been kissed before?

I've been on two dates with this guy I met online and will go on a third soon. He hasn't told me directly but from how he acts and other stuff he says, he hasn't kissed a girl before. He's shy and so am I, but I've kissed guys before. It has always been a more experienced guy, so I've never had to initiate anything. Any tips on how to make sure we kiss when we go out? I want to and he he has told me that he wants to too.


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  • Step 1: Hug him.
    Step 2: Kiss him on the cheek.
    Step 3: Blush... dun dun dun dunnnnnn... tension builds up.
    Step 4: Aim for the juicy lips.
    Step 5: Happy Happy.

  • Just like anyone else - just start slow and work your way up to more involved kissing techniques.


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