Austrian guys/ girls/ anyone familiar with Austria: What are the Austrian dating rules like? What's the Austrian dating culture like?

Was wondering what are some of the Austrian dating rules like? I appreciate it's a stereotype but I like this guy (Austrian/ Viennese) and think it'd be good to at least try to understand where he's coming from. English results in google aren't helping much either. (Can't speak German)!

For example:

- Is prolonged eye contact normal in a social context or is it usually only when you like someone?
- What are some of the signals a guy would give if he likes her?
- He updates me on his life (we're not in the same country now) periodically, which I like. Is this a sign he likes me and wants to update me about his happenings? I get really happy but thought I'd ask... you know, just so I can be sure I'm not overthinking things.
- Typical response time? Are there dating rules like in US where they have some 48h no response rule?
- How about meeting his parents? Is it really rare/ only reserved for girls whom he's serious about/ any girl?
- What do Austrian girls do typically to kind of signal to the guy that they like him?
- How active are the guys in wooing? Like does one passively wait to be asked out or are the girls supposed to kind of... be more aggressive? Like in Germany, the girls are really forward...
- Is there anything they really like? Like things that are considered really romantic? Like you know, cooking dinner is a really sweet thing in some places and in others it's like knitting a scarf for their boyfriend.
- How do I tell if he likes me?
- Would he fly over to meet me? (Like East Coast US to West Coast US or like Vienna to London) Is this too much to ask?
- In general, is there any 'ideal type' of girls in Austria? Like quiet/ intelligent/ feminist/ long hair/ fair skin or whatever?

- Is there anything he'll be expecting me to do? Is there anything I should avoid doing?

Thank you all! I really have no clue and am trying to do my best with him. Any help appreciated!


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  • first of all u should realise not all guys who belong to one country follow da same dating rules. if all austrians were datin this way... germans were datin dat way, etc... then world would be really fucked up! :/

    anyway about yer questions...

    #1:prolonged eye-contact happens usually when u fancy someone
    #2: a guy who likes her would often stare/smile at her... stand next to her when they r in a group. and generally try to draw her attention.
    #3:it's a good sign, but it's a friendly sign mostly
    #4:most people respond as soon as they see it. but when they date someone they might respond a few hrs later or so on purpose so they won't pass as "clingy"
    #5:most people suggest meetin each others parents when they r headin for sth serious
    #6:see #2
    #7:actually depends on how much shy a person is here... a less shy guy would take his chances and ask her out without mindin wether she'll reject him or not
    #8: i beleive most people in our days consider "romantic" stuff pretty cliche and old-fashioned. so i doubt he'd insist anything like dat.
    #9: again see #2
    #10: yes he'd fly but only if he's thinkin seriously about u.
    #11: each guy worldwide has a different opinion about if a gal's "ideal" for him or not.
    #12: i guess he'll tell u if he xpects u doin sth or not.. he won't hide it if he's serious.
    #13: yeah u r in a LDR u say... so get cautious if he starts becomin distant more and more and he pops-up infrequently


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