My boyfriend's brother is being rude to me for no reason?

I was with my boyfriend in his room and his brother (20 yo) came knocked on the door and kicked it until the door fell off and screamed "Get that bitch out of here right now". My boyfriend is 18. I met his brother a few times and he didn't talk to me at all. I feel like he hates me for no reason and he was super rude to me. What do I do about this? I don't wanna be rude to him because I know he's very close to my boyfriend but I feel like what he did was so wrong and immature. How should I approach this situation?


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  • probably he's jealous or something, my brother is a dick like that too, so i don't get along with him neither do I expect the girl that I'm dating to get along with him

    • But my boyfriend has 5 sisters and only a brother so they're VERY close to each other... They get along most of the time... I don't wanna destroy that... :(

    • probably your boyfriend can have a word with his brother and tell him to stop being a dick, it's the least he could do... keep it only formal with his brother and avoid getting into situations where you'll be in his presence.

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  • Don't you worry about being rude if you talk back at this dickface after he called you a bitch for no reason.
    Stand up for yourself!!
    Them being super close is absolutely no excuse for this behavior, and really, if my boyfriend let anyone speak to me like this and not say or do anything about it, I would seriously think about dumping the looser.

    If your boyfriend did defend you and is just as shocked as you are, well then you could agree on not meeting up at his place for as long as this idiot is there. Maybe try to have a sit down with his family to clear up the confusion and somehow try to understand his reasons for acting like this.

    • His brother doesn't have a good relationship with his parents. They love him and care about him but he was a rude ass to them all the time when me and my boyfriend is at their place I always hear his brother saying rude things to their parents... I know they love their sons I'm afraid they won't stand up for me or maybe dislike me afterwards if I complain about him. And yes we did agree not to meet up at his place unless his brother is not there! My boyfriend was shocked when his brother did that. He cried and said sorry to me he said he doesn't know why tf would his brother did that...

    • oh tough one then...
      Well then I'd suggest to not have a sit down as to complain about him, but to understand a bit better what might be going on. To show support for the family you know? They must be suffering tremendously because of his behavior.
      Plus, him being rude to everyone just shows that you should not take it personally. It really didn't have anything to do with you. He obviously has some emotional or maybe even mental issues. maybe his family can give you some comfort and assurance that they do want you in their "circle". that should make things more tolerable.

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  • Tell your boyfriend to stick up for you. If my brother called my girl a bitch, especially infront of me, we'd be fighting. I wouldn't let anyone direspect her like that.


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  • Tell your boyfriend to take it up with his brother or his parents.

  • Tell your boyfriend. someone needs to stick up for you

  • LOL! Don't let this bother you, his brother is just pissed the younger brother has a girl & he doesn't :) But if he ever does this crap again, stand up for yourself & tell him he better watch his damn mouth. If your boyfriend doesn't do anything, I would dump him, because you shouldn't be disrespected like that by no one.

    • He has a girlfriend but I don't know what she did but he cits himself a lot because of her, so I guess he isn't happy with her. They aren't a happy couple. I was realy upset but manage to not say anything back because I was in THEIR house with HIS parents... I felt like it wasn't my place to talk... Although I would love to be able to stand up for myself but maybe it's not appropriate? And yes my boyfriend did yell at him and tell him to stop and he left the house with me and took me to a nice place for the rest of the day to try to make me happy... but I don't know if he talked to his brother seriously about this yet...

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