Girlfriend touched me in my sleep?

Last night was out first night sleeping in the same bed together. It was around 1 am. She started touching the inside of my thigh and slowly started moving upward. i was in so much shock and discomforr I wanted to run out of my own house. This morning I couldn't even talk to her. i haven't texted her all day and I'm thinking about just breaking it off. what would you do in my situation?


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  • My answer will b simple: just talk with her, like sensible people do in adult relationships.

    Dk why u guys haven't done this already.

    No need to avoid her like the plague. I think she did something that is natural. Talk with her about it.


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  • why... she is your girlfriend. Why are you with her if you aren't the least bit attracted to her. Im not saying be happy that she did what she did. But I dont think it should repulse you enough to break up with her. That seems excessive. If you really felt uncomfortable then talk to her about it.

    • I am attracted to her. i just don't want to be seen like some sex toy

  • Whaaat? I'm so confused. You allowed your GIRLFRIEND to sleep in bed with you, but got creeped out when she touched you? Ummm... when men and women sleep together, they often touch each other. You gave the impression that you wanted things to go further, if you were in bed together. You lead her on. If I was in bed with a guy and I wanted something to progress, I would have done what she did, but been bolder about it. My impression would have been that the guy wasn't sure if it was okay to pursue sex with me if he hadn't made the move. Maybe he was waiting for some type of signal from me. She gave you the signal. People can tell the difference between someone who is asleep or not. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. Had I been in bed with a guy that I was already having sex with, I would definitely have no qualms about waking him up for sex. No, I would not have spoken. I would have woken him... in other ways. These things are normal and happen all of the time in relationships. If you weren't looking to go further, then you should have stated such stipulations before welcoming her into your bed. Miscommunication is a big issue and causes way too many problems in relationships.

    • My body is a temple

    • Of course. And she wanted to worship it. What's the problem? Like I said, if you didn't want her to, then you should have said something. If it's for religious reasons, you shouldn't have even been in bed with her ro begin with.

  • some guys would find that sexy. I'm intrigued [in fact i admire] that u didn't.

    u might want to talk to her before making any decisions. just let her know what u felt about it. then, if she doesn't get the message, u take action.

    i just need to add though. if u r sleeping in the same bed and u allowed that to happen, u can understand y she'd think it'd b ok to do that. not defending her. just giving some perspective.

    • Ur right i let her on alittle

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    • u ain't seen nuthin yet ;) @ihav2fart

    • Is that right? ;)

      SPICE IT UP!

  • Umm. Fuck her. Literally. People want your problems.

    • I will not let her take advantage of me like a object

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    • U need to learn not to hurt people's feelings

    • Where's the problem?

  • Was she asleep? Reason I ask is that I did something similar to my then boyfriend (now hubby) in my sleep, we both sleep naked. (We had already had sex at this point in our relationship so sleeping naked was no big deal to us.)

    Anyway my hand just had a mind of its own or its owner was having a really good dream; I ended up not just feeling around but made a big mess of the sheets giving him a handjob in my sleep! (Didn't remember a thing about it once I woke up.) It was pretty wet on my side too, so at least I subconsciously must have known something was up.

    What you Re describing is normal curiosity from what sounds like an inexperienced curious young woman. Though you became defensive at the question of virginity it might be a safe assumption that you both are either virgins or just a little inexperienced. There isn't a thing wrong with either, so don't become defensive when asked, OK.

    My advice is to shrug the incident off for now. At some point when the time is right talk to her about your feelings, I wouldn't tell her that you felt violated, she sounds like she was innocently exploring your manliness, so take it as a compliment that she wants to take it to the next level if you're willing and the timing is right.

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  • If this is supposed to be a joke, comedy is probably not your future.

    • Glad someone thinks my life's a joke

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    • Aren't you an entertaining troll?

    • U see through me like glass

  • Your reaction was insane. Some people think there's some sort of double standard going on here, no that's not the case. Whether guy or girl, your reaction was crazy and ridiculous.

    • Ur reaction is ridiculous

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    • That doesn't make sense. my argument is right because I said it is. If u are smart u don't need to explain urself. u obviously aren't. im not
      going to waste my time with a babbling ape

    • Well that's just ridiculous, you're either trolling or no where near as smart as you think you are.

      How about this: Your argument is wrong because I say so, nobody should listen to you because I say so and you're *obviously* not smart because I say so. Furthermore you can't beat my argument because I say so and questioning any of this means you're *obviously* aren't smart enough because I so.


  • Wow that story gave me goosebumps. So creepy. I'd definitely file a restraining order if I were you. She seems dangerous. :o

    • lmaoooo

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    • That doesn't stop women from doing it to us men and causing us to lose our jobs.

    • Ur right. but I'll let it slip

  • Fling the covers off the bed and give her a good hard seeing to in all three holes.

  • Stop trolling!!!
    You seem like a very religious virgin to me. hahahsha

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