If a guy asks you to tell you something interesting about yourself?

So I met this guy for the first time at a social gathering for school.

He told me to tell him an interesting thing about myself to him becuase he didn't know me very well.

He said my name was pretty.

He laughed a lot at my jokes

He introduced me to his female friends

He said maybe I'll see you again

What do you think does he sound interested


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  • He sounds interested.

    But when he ask something like that you must tell him something interesting. Tell him in detail. Dont be boring!!

    Say something for example:
    I have this strange habit!
    When i drive i love to drive really fast!! And then when a Stop sign is ahead i do a Emergancy stop.

    Or something that makes you different from others!


Most Helpful Girl

  • He sounds like a great guy either way. He way flirting with you for sure, but I can't say whether or not he is interested.

    • How do you know he was flirting
      What signs make you say that

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    • can you link me to one of your questions? I dont know how to find users on here

    • click on my name

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  • I would say that he is interested because he will not waste time talking with you if he is not.


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