Girls, Ladies, would you date a guy who's only 5'5" or 5'6"? If you're shorter than that?

I'm barely 5'1 (but I wear my height well :) and I met a guy who is definitely under 5'7"... he's taller than me but he is SHORT.

Thing is, we have great chemistry and he's funny and smart and has a good job, and I find him attractive.
But yeah, and he's way shorter than me, most of the guys I've dated were anywhere from 5'11 to 6'2. My last serious boyfriend was 6'1.

Am I being superficial? I told a girlfriend (who's my height) about this guy, and she scrunched her face up and acted a bit judgmental.

Ladies, what do you think?

Thanks. I guess I'm a bit insecure and some of my gf's can be a bit judgmental before they meet someone, and most of them are dating tall men. I know my friends would like them if they met him. I think i've just been REALLY picky ("I dont like his shoes"! "I dont like his hair!") and... I'm still single. I recently dated a guy who was 6'2 and I felt nothing.


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  • Isn't dating and romantic/sexual relationships generally pretty superficial in most cases anyway?
    That's why some people we decide to date, because we like some part about them physically, in comparison to people who we keep as friends. Of course chemistry is another factor, but shallow or not, we date to have sex and ultimately procreate. Keeping that in mind, naturally we'll prefer those who are better looking or more with the societal ideals.

    I would definitely know a thing or two about that. I'm 5'10, in a relationship with someone who's shorter than me. It bugged me initially. More like the negative attention I felt we drew in from others, whether it was from strangers or my own friends asking if his height doesn't bother me as if he's a martian or something. I dismissed it as long as I could, till I realized why the fuck am I feeling uncomfortable being with him because of OTHER people's opinions, not my own?
    If you're happy with your boyfriend, that's all that matters the most. Other people will always find a reason to hate or critique.

    • yeah, i was surprised that I'd feel the chemistry that I did with him. We have a lot in common. I guess I was just surprised because I thought he'd be 5'8... haha.

    • how tall is your guy btw?

    • yeeeah.. I remember growing up, I told everyone I'd never date anyone shorter than me. I'd only consider guys who were blonde, blue-eyed, taller than me. My boyfriend of just under 2 years is not only shorter than me, but also Asian so to hell with the ideals of our childhood eh? :P
      He's 5'7.

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  • Lol who cares. You're already short as hell and he's bigger than you. I'm 5'1" and my boyfriend is about 5'7" or 5'8". He's short too but he's taller than me so it works. I still need to tip toe for kisses or hugs if I want to wrap my arms around his shoulders. He still can reach things I can't, I still need to peer up at him f I want to look him in the eyes. You've still got all the benefits of a tall man with this guy because he's at least taller than you. If you like him then that's what's important. It doesn't matter what your friend says as long as you're happy.

    • Haha thanks. Actually.. I'm confused. He said he was 5'8 (it was a blind date), and again, I like him... But... actually... I think he might be 5'5 or 5'6... or even 5'4... I have no idea... I'm confused lol. I'm just used to guys who are much taller... Omg would you date someone that short?

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    • Aw thanks :) that helps.

    • You're so welcome. Good luck! :)

  • Yeah, my sister is really short and her bf/fiance is about that height.

    She doesn't care.❤

    I think the height is good.

  • I don't date guys under 6'2 because I don't find them attractive. Like I can literally not feel attracted to a guy shorter than that. I've tried. Nope.

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