I overreacted should I text him?

A guy I used to see got in contact two weeks ago. We fell out the last time because I felt he wasn't interested. So he added me as a friend on Fb but the same thing I just get the feeling he couldn't be bothered. So I broke off contact with him but now I'm thinking I made a mistake and should have just worked on our friendship first. I kind of started to think the worse and I overreacted about the situation. I really want to get in contact, if a girl done this to you would you ever talk to her again?


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  • Just text him take it easy and think before you react everytime.


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  • Haha; that’s hardly overreacting. Stop stressing and get in contact with him.

    YOu want overreacting try a waking up to a girl abusing my for a rumour I didn’t start. Ie her and I were sleeping together lol. Even now I would scould her for that; id just make it clear I wouldn’t tolerate that reaction next time.

  • You should text him if it doesn't work at least you know you've tried.


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  • If you're the one pursueing him it won't work. Accept the loss, guys like the chase and do not like to be the one chased, he will just take advantage of that and I feel you would probably get hurt in the long run, he won't respect a girl who throws herself at him, men like to work for it.
    By all means if he contacts you first, go with it, but I wouldn't expect it and definitely don't initiate considering he's already tried and has since stopped trying.

    • He was the one that always made contact first but I always pushed him away. After a year he got back in contact and I pushed him away again he never once took advantage of me.

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    • Think before you write and before you label all men the same.

    • @Falamalabobala no i went on your profile and saw that you have a habit of replying to comments on anyone's posts that have different opinions to you. news flash, it's PERFECTLY OK for other people to have a different opinion. And I will give people advice on a CASE BY CASE BASIS. From the (little) information I have been given here I have seen nothing positive about this guy. If I saw some inclination that he genuinely liked her I would be the first to say to give it another shot.

      And do you mind not personally attacking me, what kind of weirdo are you? I've got a different opinion to you so I deserve to be belittled? You're saying I'm judging all men, well you're judging me off of one post so don't pretend you know anything about me and back the fuck off. Freak.

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