Haven't heard from boyfriend for almost 2 days. Is it a sign he is breaking up?

He said he needed a vacation to be alone to recharge. I thought I wouldn't see him at all, but we ended up seeing each other 4 days during the week before he head off. I'm sure he is back in town but he stopped responding my text and I didn't send another one to follow up.

It's been almost 2 days. I'm not sure what to do as I did respect his need for space and only respond when he text me. I get the feeling he might have take my kindness and patients for granted


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  • ... He said he needed a vacation to be alone to recharge...
    If you both gottopgether those days 'During the week,' I find him a bit selfish and unfeeling thast when he mentioned this Time on his Mind, he didn't... Include you in his vacation package by mentioning that he wanted Alone Time from Everyone, Including You.
    Yes, he certainly took some things for granted and took advantage of you as well. Have a tender foot talk with him when you see him around town again.
    Good luck. xx

    • I ended up wanting to collect my stuff. He said its a bit harsh and didn't see it coming. I said I felt either he's not Ito me or he took me for granted. He apologize and said he might have taken me for granted.

      Then he cried when I wanted to leave. I asked why is he crying? He said cos he is getting attached to me. He. Is not used to opening up to anyone. Also he is unsure of the direction. As no relationship he knows every works. Including his parents / brothers / friends

      I told him I never knew you are growing attached. You never communicate with me with these things...

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    • Hi dear would you please take a look at his pretty please. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1827131-boyfriend-ignores-me-after-our-fight-is-this-over

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, and would be happy to look at your Question.:)) xxoo

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  • Did he not say he would be out of touch? I would give him a week before worrying too much.

    • I thought he would be out of touch for a week.. but turns out he was spending time with me.. he just suddenly went out of touch unexpectedly.. ironically it's the day he is back in town..

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    • I guess you will have to play it by ear when he does contact you. It kind of depends on when, how, and what he says.

    • Alright I guess whatever he says just keeps it casual? As his tone of talking to me was really aloof. He say hey you you doing? Then asked about how I went with stuff I told him.

      That's before he went poof

  • I'm in a long distance relationship a medical student who's working insanely long hours in the ER. It's pretty routine for us to go a few days without talking, but we make the most of the time we do get. Every couple has a different dynamic.

    • ER is different, his schedule is not as hectic as this

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    • Don't jump straight in with something accusatory. Ask him how he's been.

      A question for you, and this question is at the heart of any relationship - do you trust him? In my present relationship, we're separated by an ocean and only able to converse a few times per week. It will be months until we can even be in the same room together. The thing that holds it all together is trust.

      If you don't trust him, you already have your answer. If you suspect you may have issues trusting people in general, that may be something you and him can work on together. You'd be happier for it.

    • No I don't trust him, but every time he seem to prove me wrong when I don't trust him. I used to be in long distance relationship as well but my ex was very transparent wtih me so I trusted him. This guy is not very transparent. I did tell him without trnasparency there can't be intimacy. he was like yea I know what you're saying..

  • Is he texting anyone else, if so yes, if no then he probably is actually just recharging

    • I don't think I can find out unless I grab his phone.. which is something I won't do..

  • Sounds like he is giving you the classic hot and cold. He could be unsure of his feelings whether he should move forward or let you go. He might not break up with you right away. Just be prepared that this might not last so you don't say wow I didn't see this coming.

    • I'm always prepared...

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