What does it mean when a guys make small talk?

there's this guy I really like and sometimes I feel like he likes me but the thing is we never have conversations it's always small talk and even when I don't talk to him he'd still talk to me and it'd be random, and I've noticed he's been doing this a lot, it's hard to tell if he's shy cause talkative with everyone else


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  • "What does it mean when a guys make small talk?" He doesn't know big words.


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  • It only means something when a guy invites you out for a date.
    Other than that, he's just acting friendly, OR maybe he's shy or clueless to know how to court a girl.

  • does he go out of his way to small talk you?

    or does it occur when you happen to be standing next to each other etc.

    • it's only when I'm around that he talks to me

    • then the small talk, is just that. small talk.

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