How do younger guys feel about dating older women?

I've had a massive thing for younger guys as I've gotten older. they are all I ever attract. it can be frustrating tho', because I feel I have to initiate a lot of things. perhaps I intimidate them? guys how do you feel about dating older women? like 8-15 years older than you? are you intimidated? is it hard for you to ask her out? is it hard to make moves to take it to a sexual level? how about expressing your feelings? I want to know...

also - what do you like about dating older women? what do you find attractive & hot?


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  • From my stand point, as a guy in his upper 20's, I don't have a problem dating older men, and I think by the time I complete my term in college, I'm going to prefer it.

    I've been dating a lot of girls who are ages 21-24 over the past year and half since I transfered here, and it's fun, but it also comes with a price tag. That being, someone who you can't have a decent conversation with. They try, and some of them are even good at keeping up, but the problem is they never own anything they say.

    Their actions don't ever align with what they say, it's very troubling from the stand point that these are girls that are juniors and seniors in college, and they have yet to learn this valuable lesson in not only dating, but in being social as well. Sometimes I wonder if college is actually preparing young people for anything more than failure, simply because we all know that academics does not prepare people for everything.

    I've dated women much older than me, and I like it because they can handle a conversation and their words line up with their actions, but the problem I've found is that they are usually bitter, even though they do not always show it.

    Some man whom they married left them scared, or they won't let go of their pain, you name it, many older women allow the past to dictate their present. This is the commonality between many women, and many men.

    And that is lesson that is hard to teach anyone.

    • Give me an example on what you mean by an older woman's words lining up with her actions

    • Well, in my experience, if an older woman wants to engage in a serious relationship, they actually follow suit and their actions align with that statement.

      Younger women say something like that, and you can't trust that they are serious, because they may think they want that, but then once that prospect becomes real, they flake out.

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  • I have had the exact opposite effect, my attraction for Older Ladies is just increasing day by day. Even though I am 21, if I see a beautifiul lady in her late 20's, 30's or even sometimes 40's I just can't help myself but admire their beauty. On many occasions I just randomely go upto them and start talking to them, it was funny once because I was flirting with a lady who was in her late 30's and she ended the conversation by saying my son is the same age as you but its cute that you approached me. Older Ladies who take care of themselves and are friendly are the biggest turn On for me. Its definitely hard to ask them out because its still sort of weird but I always try to spark a conversation and see how interested is she in me.

    • Is it exciting for you to approach an older woman? do you get a rush, more so than approaching a girl closer to your age or younger?

    • It definitely is exciting and it sort of pumps up my adernaline; though it would definitely be more helpfull if Older Ladies actually put in a bit of effort in breaking the ice because this whole concept is totally New to me. Approaching a girl my age is not much of a problem because that is something I have done many times, it is sort of second nature now :P

  • the thing is they dont get tough on u because of age i guess :) and they take care og u like there teddy back when they yng :P
    inbox me <3 :)

  • It's a huge fantasy of mine to be honest. Would love the opportunity.

  • I think age is stupid and irrelevent. If you are an adult, you are an adult. The human lives on average 80 years, and realisticly 80 years is an insignificant amount of time, and you will still be learning things the day you die.

    I personally really like a 27 year old woman, and I am 20. Obviously her age shows a bit and she isn't quite the same looking as girls my age, but I find her more beautiful, and I like her views on things.

    I image when I age to say 27, I would still have no problems dating a girl who is 40.


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  • I think a lot of younger men would definitely respond well to an older woman coming on to them. It's really not such a taboo anymore. having said that, some might be a bit intimidated by you so I can see why you're doing the chasing. If you like to be chased, you could always go to cougar/cub club nights or speed dating events, or there are loads of dating sites for cougars and cubs out there, like link and others that are similar. I'd say go for it; what younger man or teenage boy hasn't fantasized about hooking up with a hot older woman?

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