Would a stupid thing like a 'Lazy Eye' Affect a guys opinion about asking me out?

I have a 'Lazy Eye' and i wear glasses. I mean its just one of my eyes but you can deffiantly tell and im VERY self concious about it. I barely look anyone in the eyes and if i do i tend to look around/ away then look at them and vice versa because i dont want them to notice. You can only see it if im super concetrated on something or obviously looking at my eyes long enough. and when im tired it tends to act up.

I KNOW guys are pretty superficioal and i think a girl can be beautiful , have a great personality but if she has something wrong with her that makes her 'weird' he might be like Oh never mind not into her or stop him from trying to talk to me

I KNOW if i met a hot guy i was into and smiled at him or whatever my lazy eye would stop me from making eye contact for to long or i will be hyper aware of my eye and be weird about it

Now i think im okay looking and that i have a cute, sweet , super Sarcastic personality but i dont want that one thing to stop me

Iv'e considered having eye surgery but its SUPER expensive...

Sooooo any advice? Tips?

anddddd im 24


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  • I know how you feel I had a lazy eye and so your aware after the surgery I still have trouble with eye contact because I just became use to evading it. But before hand I was in a relationship and it shouldn't bother the person your with. Just be You its easier to say most med of that age should be mature enough to understand


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  • If it's extremely noticeable you can count me out. Let me tell you something if you look anywhere near the girl from the image below, I seriously doubt any attractive male would disagree with me.

    • I personality dont think its THAT noticeable or that bad but its somewhat. Why would it matter or affect your opinion to go flirt with that girl?

    • cause its fucking ugly, what r u, 12?

    • Nope but clearly you are

  • yes, big time. get an eye patch. talk to ur doctor about treatment. its a pretty simple process, you dont need to do surgery.

    • Wtf? Your probably being sarcastic and if you are your not funny. If your not F you. I've had an eye patch 3rd grade to like 5th. by the way IT doesn't work! it actually made it worse for your information

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    • Tells*

    • Im not single and i was just being honest.

  • I wouldn't mind but some would


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