Does the '80-20 Rule' theory explains a lot of today's problems among dating singles?


This theory explains that, if you put 1,000 men and 1,000 women on an island, 'within a matter of days, weeks, or months, approximately 800 of the 1,000 women are going to be competing with each other for the attention and companionship of roughly 200 of the 1,000 men on that island... Many of those eight-hundred women are going to express an ultimatum to the Top 200 men and force them to choose THEM as their “main woman” (i. e., wife, monogamous sex partner, long-term girlfriend, etc.).'

'[M]any of the men in the Top 20% are going to become liars and cheaters... These men are going to find a way to be entrepreneurial, and at the same time, help their fellow men from the Bottom 80% out. How? They will allow the women who are currently their mistresses and side pieces to have one night stands with men from the low end of the totem pole for a flat monetary fee... The men enjoy the sex, but after a while, they come to resent the fact that they have to pay money for it. They gain a measure of ‘egotistical revenge’ by labeling such women as “whores.” '

'Many of the men in the remaining 'Bottom 80%' are going to become agitated and frustrated as time passes by. This will cause them to either a) become more competitive and ambitious so that they too can be perceived as being in that ‘Top 20%’ category, or b) become jealous, envious ‘haters’ of the men who are currently in the Top 20%.'

'Some men on that island from the Bottom 80% will soon become so bitter and resentful to the point where they will look to cause physical harm to the men in the Top 20% [or women].'

Does the '80-20 Rule' theory explains a lot of today's problems among dating singles?

e. g., the notorious Elliot Rodger.

'A number of the women on the island who have grown tired of being relegated to the status of 'mistress' or 'side piece' by one or more members of the Top 20% are going to end up doing one of two things: 1) stop pursuing a monogamous relationship with the men in ‘The Top 20%’ and start “settling” for the men in the Bottom 80% primarily so they can have children and someone to provide for them, or 2) stop dating any of the men on the island, and become content with being by themselves indefinitely (or turn to other women for romantic and sexual companionship, hence becoming bisexual).'

'Many of these women will find themselves in a “marriage of convenience” that really does not truly make them happy. These women will immediately seek to take control of the relationship, and will expect their male companion to play up to them and feel “overjoyed” that they were even selected to have the opportunity to have occasional sex with them that the men have to practically beg for. Many women will have one or more children by a man in the Top 20%, and select a man from the Bottom 80% to help her raise the child (ren).'

'Many single men in today's dating scene are frustrated, and many of the women are as well.'
Does the '80-20 Rule' theory explains a lot of today's problems among dating singles?
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